The product inspection division of METTLER TOLEDO produces high quality, very reliable inspection equipment for use in high speed, demanding manufacturing production lines. Our checkweighers complete a 100% weight check of all items, while our metal detectors ensure that any metal contamination is found and eliminated from the production line. Additionally, x-ray inspection systems are able to effectively detect dense physical contaminants as  well as measure mass and check for missing or damaged product inside closed packages, and our vision inspection systems automatically check the product to ensure perfect presentation and that all required markings are present.


Product Handling Flexibility
Highly customizable with 200 performance and productivity enhancing options. Wide selection of product handling variants to ensure smooth product flow

A throughput of up to 300 packs per minute, a weighing range from 7 g to 7.5 kg and very high weighing accuracy positions the CM33 PlusLine at the forefront of checkweighing and metal detection technology.

The CV35 AdvancedLine is the first product on the market that combines checkweighing and vision inspection - designed to prevent label mix-up and weight verification in a single process.

Dynamic checkweighing, marking, verification, precision product handling and reliable sorting – the perfect combination of all processes in one compact system. The XS2 MV checkweigher combines accurate weighing, marking and vision verification control in compliance with global traceability and fraud protection requirements. The product codes printed onto the collapsible box by the printing system are verified for accuracy and legibility and serve as a key for legally required quality certificates.

Dynamic checkweighing, marking, verification, precision product handling and reliable sorting – the perfect combination of all processes in one compact system. The XS2 MV checkweigher combines accurate weighing, marking and vision verification control in compliance with global traceability and fraud protection requirements. The product codes printed onto the collapsible box by the printing system are verified for accuracy and legibility and serve as a key for legally required quality certificates.

The Starweigh XS is a unique and highly precise checkweighing system delivering laboratory accuracies at high production throughput rates.

Imagine a checkweighing system engineered to precisely meet your requirements. A checkweighing system that is adaptable in the best possible way to numerous applications with a robust reliable design. This, and an outstanding performance is your key to a future-proof dependable investment.

The CM9400 checkweigher, ideal for round containers such as cans and bottles, uses the patented Hi-Speed technology that eliminates timing screws and integrates timing, spacing, and scale sections, allowing seam-to-seam weighing.

The Hi-Speed CS3600 is an in-motion scale for weighing large packages such as boxes, cartons, cases, bags, or sacks for either general industrial or harsh wash down environments. The proven design delivers accurate and repeatable weights while a wide variety of accessories allow it to be tailored to specific application needs.

The systems check that the weight is correct and that the product is free from metal in a single procedure, while also offering centralized inventory management, reporting on the checkweigher terminal, fast product changes and ejection of defective products.

Whether you're working with oval cans, flat bags, rectangular boxes or even square ones, the C3570 checkweigher uses outstanding precision and speed to weigh products in all types of packaging. In addition to its large product setup memory, it stands out from the crowd thanks to its ability to be integrated into production lines with ease, variety of data communication interfaces and wide range of options.



Advanced Detector Technology.
The cutting-edge DXD+ dual energy detector, which can be incorporated into the X36, offers unrivaled contamination detection of hard-to-find contaminants such as calcified bone, rubber, and glass in textured and overlapping product applications.

Detecting Hard-to-Find Contaminants.
The premium DXD x-ray inspection system outstanding levels of inspection performance in a variety of packaged food applications. The DXD is a dual energy solution installed into the established X36 Series, providing a high level of brand protection for food manufacturers and packagers.

A missing or cocked cap on a product package can result in unnecessary product waste and costly rework, which leads to lost profits. Our systems can quickly identify products with missing or improperly-applied caps, removing them from the production line and alerting operators to the issue.

X-ray inspection systems for packaged products offer maximum contamination detection sensitivity at high throughputs for a diverse range of food and pharmaceutical applications. Typical packaged applications include the inspection of foil and plastic containers, cartons/boxes, foil pouches, bags and sacks, trays, tubes, sachets, flow-wraps, PET bottles and blister packs.

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline provides pipeline x-ray inspection solutions that are specifically designed to inspect pumped food products such as meat and poultry as well as slurries, semi-solids and fluids, at any stage in processing or before final packaging. Applications typically include sauces, jams, minced meat, molten chocolate and dairy spreads, as well as products that cannot be sieved - for example, textured fruit purées and yoghurts containing fruit chunks.

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline's x-ray inspection systems for bulk foods are designed to ensure quality assurance in a wide range of industries including meat, poultry, fish, seafood, fruit, vegetables, snacks and confectionery. Typical applications include the inspection of bulk-flow food products to ensure quality before they are packaged for distribution or added to other ingredients in further down line processing.

The regulatory landscape is constantly evolving. Product inspection technology makes it easier to meet current requirements and provide cost-effective solutions that can adapt to future needs. METTLER TOLEDO's metal detection and x-ray inspection solutions make it easier to overcome your foreign body detection challenges.

Food manufacturers will be able to identify very small contaminants in a quicker and more reliable manner following the launch of a new X-Ray system from METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection.

Gravity fall metal detection systems controlled from a full-colour touchscreen operator interface, for the inspection of powders and granular products.

Gravity FlowSD metal detection systems deliver unrivalled levels of detection sensitivity to all metal contaminants in bulk, free flowing powders and granular products. All systems incorporate an integrated high-speed reject valve.

Designed for easy integration into food production lines, the Signature Touch metal detector delivers high-performance on-line metal detection. When combined with material handling systems such as conveyors, product inspection can be fully automated.

Delivers up to 50 percent improved sensitivity to detect smaller metal contaminants when inspecting products that are wet, hot, chilled, cooling or packed in metallized film.

PowerPhasePRO Throat Metal Detectors are designed for use in vertical packaging applications. These food processor metal detectors are normally installed between the weighing and vertical bagging process where they inspect for all types of metal contamination in the free falling product.

Vertical packaging metal detector, with full-colour touchscreen operator interface, optimised to deliver maximum sensitivity for inspecting free falling products in-flight.

Metal detection systems for sausage manufacture and inspection of high viscosity liquids.

The X39 X-ray System is specifically designed for the inspection of frozen-formed products, ensuring your products are free from contaminants and product defects.

Designed for loose bulk-flow food products, the X36 Series Bulk x-ray system offers outstanding contaminant detection before further value is added to the product, saving costs.

The X38 x-ray system can inspect pumped products such as slurries, semi-solids and fluids, ensuring food safety before final packaging and further value is added to the product.

The X33 Series Bulk Variant x-ray system provides exceptional contamination detection in unpackaged products in a bulk flow format. Inspecting up to 5,000kg of product per hour.

Complete inspection of glass containers at high line speeds up to 1200ppm, ensuring outstanding detection sensitivity of physical contaminants in jars up to 130mm in diameter.

The X3735 examines each product at two angles ensuring contamination detection and various product integrity checks are conducted on each product, eliminating blind spots.

The design of the X3725 ensures consistent product presentation thanks to an integrated conveyor and product specific guiderails, ensuring maximum detection of contaminants.

Safeline X-ray inspection systems provide superior contamination detection for manufacturers producing food, beverages and pet food products packaged in a wide variety of metal cans. With x-ray inspection solutions for products packaged in cans of all shapes and sizes, applications include canned baby food, ready meals, fish and seafood, meat, tinned fruit and vegetables, pet food and beverages in cans.

Purposely designed to inspect a variety of unpackaged food products, Safeline X-ray inspection systems are relied upon by food manufacturers in industries such as meat and poultry, bakery, confectionery, snacks, cereals industries. Typical unwrapped food applications include grains, nuts and raw meat, in addition to formed-style products such as frozen pizzas, dough balls, beef burger patties and chicken nuggets. X-ray machines for food inspection deliver the highest detection sensitivity ensuring accuracy, reliability and ease of operation for all unpackaged applications.

The X3710 is capable of inspecting up to 1,800 products per minute (dependent on product dimensions), ensuring future-proof inspection capabilities.

A flexible food x-ray system designed to inspect a diverse range of food applications at high line speeds, such as metal or composite cans, plastic containers and doypacks.

The X3730 food x-ray system offers outstanding detection sensitivity in cans and glass containers, using an x-ray split beam to expose contaminants in the whole container.

Document your production and control your product inspection devices with data management software ProdX.

The X37 Series offers the most technically advanced x-ray inspection system on the market for tall, rigid containers. The X37 Series provides the customer with the tools to achieve compliance with industry standards such as HACCP.

Designed for ease-of-use, the X33 offers high detection capabilities, safeguarding brands and consumers, while its low energy consumption reduces the Total Cost of Ownership.

Highly configurable, the X36 offers the highest level of integrity checks across multiple product lanes at high throughput rates for complete brand protection and compliance.

Growing with Your Business
PowerPhasePRO Metal Detectors enable manufacturers to configure functionality and feature sets to meet their individual business requirements. By employing a basic, high performance metal detector and a selection of optional hardware and software bundles "pre-installed" in new machines or through "retro-fittable" upgrades, detector performance can be further enhanced.

Throat and SuperThroat models of Safeline metal detectors are designed for installation in vertical bagging and filling applications in the food industry. Mettler-Toledo Safeline's patented "zero free metal zone" technology and custom support frames significantly reduce the space required between scales and baggers/fillers.

Gravity FlowHD metal detection systems deliver unrivalled levels of detection sensitivity to all metal contaminants in bulk, free flowing powders and granular products. All systems incorporate a fully integrated high-speed reject valve.

The Bandoleer x-ray inspection system is suitable for the inspection of blister packs, powder and sachet bandoleers before cutting and packaging. It is the first x-ray inspection system in the world which allows simultaneous filler feedback and inspection at the filler station.

Despite its popularity, glass packaging poses a significant safety risk and the effects of glass-in-glass contamination can be highly damaging. Safeline manufactures automated x-ray inspection systems for contamination detection and quality control checks for a wide variety of food, beverage and pharmaceutical products packaged in glass bottles, containers and jars of all shapes and sizes.

Designed primarily for use in the inspection of bulk products, PowerPhasePRO RB metal detectors provide easy integration into all process lines.

METTLER TOLEDO SAFELINE is the world leader in customized metal detection and x-ray inspection solutions for food, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries.

SAFELINE HDS Pipeline metal detectors are specifically designed to inspect sausage, fats, and high viscosity liquids. They deliver unparalleled sensitivity to all metal types, including ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel. They are also able to find non-spherical contaminants such as metal clips, wire, swarf, and slithers of metal.

Safeline Zero Metal Free Zone (ZMFZ) metal detectors are designed to meet the ultimate inspection standards for food processors. Safeline’s patented Internal Cancellation Field (ICF) technology eliminates interference from nearby metal structures, ensuring highest frequency and maximum stability in reduced spaces.

Safeline Pipeline Metal Detectors are intended predominantly for use in the food industry. These rugged, compact detection systems are suitable for the inspection of all liquids, pastes and slurries and are able to detect all types of metal contamination.

When choosing a test sample the most important factor to consider is the application in which it will be used.


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