PowerPhasePRO Metal Detection Solutions


Growing with Your Business
PowerPhasePRO Metal Detectors enable manufacturers to configure functionality and feature sets to meet their individual business requirements. By employing a basic, high performance metal detector and a selection of optional hardware and software bundles "pre-installed" in new machines or through "retro-fittable" upgrades, detector performance can be further enhanced.

HACCP Reporting Program
Food producers working within formal HACCP programs, utilize metal detectors to monitor a Critical Control Point (CCP). The ability to monitor and control the performance of that metal detector is of high importance. PowerPhasePRO on-screen HACCP Reporting Software Package ensures effective control through the provision of User Access and Peak Signal data logging routines maximizing the quality of your performance data.

Monitoring Product Data & the Environment
Understanding the way products interact with a metal detector and identifying the relationship between the product signals and the metal detectors settings provides greater control of a process. PowerPhasePRO detectors communicate this visually through Vector Diagrams and Phase and Signal Histograms. These can be used to improve performance and achieve greater levels of compliance leading to increased market competitiveness for your business.

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