X-Ray Inspection System For Packaged Foods: X36 Series DXD


Detecting Hard-to-Find Contaminants.
The premium DXD x-ray inspection system outstanding levels of inspection performance in a variety of packaged food applications. The DXD is a dual energy solution installed into the established X36 Series, providing a high level of brand protection for food manufacturers and packagers.

Achieving Outstanding Quality Assurance
Achieves outstanding product safety by providing advanced levels of contamination detection of low-density contaminants in overlapping products.

Assisting with Challenging Applications
Capable of detecting hard-to-find contaminants in a variety of applications. It offers clarity and precision in complex areas of product inspection.

User-friendly Features
Automated product set-up and intelligent software improve uptime, reduce costs and enhance detection sensitivity and minimize False Reject Rates.

Meeting Customer Requirements
The X36 with DXD is a highly configurable solution, offering the highest level of integrity checks across single or multiple product lanes, at high throughput rates, for exemplary brand protection and compliance.

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