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New GC Series Conveyorized Metal Detection Systems Helps Food Manufacturers With Compliance


GC Series conveyorized metal detection systems provide future-proof compliance for manufacturers

Our new GC Series conveyorized metal detection systemsaim to improve compliance and reduce total cost of ownership. The new systems support food and non-food manufacturers' quality and production objectives by providing robust, easy to use, modular equipment, which is readily re-configurable to support future requirements.

The GC Series conveyorized metal detection systems offer a highly configurable design that can adapt to the changing requirements of the food industry and to manufacturers' needs. They can be supplied with a choice of Safeline metal detectors, polyurethane or modular belts, and different reject mechanisms. It is also possible to re-configure the system to adapt to changing production and retailer demands of the future.

Since their launch in 2019, manufacturers across 20 countries worldwide have reported significant productivity and uptime benefits from installing these new GC Series systems.

Integrated systems go beyond metal detection
Having a reliable and highly sensitive metal detection system within a production line is important. However, having an integrated conveyorized metal detection system enables food manufacturers to be compliant with food safety legislation and retailer requirements, and delivers the best possible mechanical integration for maximum production uptime.

A range of options for reliable, precise performance
The GC Series conveyors are available with a range of Safeline metal detector heads to suit any application. Integrated sensors and reject mechanisms detect and reject, contaminated products from the production process.

The choice of solutions start with simple 'stop-on-detection' systems through to fully-automated detect-and-reject systems, including pushers and air-blast devices. Three levels of due diligence packages, with a suite of failsafe monitoring options, are available to meet specific compliance requirements.

Highly configurable conveyors designed for long lifecycles
The design of the new GC Series conveyorized metal detection systems provide interchangeable reject devices and greater configuration flexibility of components. "This is the key to a completely future-proof conveyorized system," says Mike Bradley, Product Inspection Specialist from Mettler-Toledo. "We have created a design that meets changing requirements for food and non-food manufacturers. With production costs increasing, manufacturers need solutions that help to reduce total cost of ownership, and grow and change with their business. The modular design also means that service interventions are safer, faster and easier – reducing production downtime."

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Source: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

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