XS2 MV Checkweigher

XS2 MV Checkweigher

Dynamic checkweighing, marking, verification, precision product handling and reliable sorting – the perfect combination of all processes in one compact system. The XS2 MV checkweigher combines accurate weighing, marking and vision verification control in compliance with global traceability and fraud protection requirements. The product codes printed onto the collapsible box by the printing system are verified for accuracy and legibility and serve as a key for legally required quality certificates.

The weighing section ensures highest weighing accuracy at maximum throughput and is suitable for weighing products up to 300g, allowing for the best adaptation of the technical parameters of dynamic weighing to customers' requirements.

The XS2 MV checkweigher can be easily integrated into new production lines or added to upgrade existing lines, providing a full range of functions and user-friendliness while simultaneously reducing the complexity of your packaging process.

The collapsible boxes are transferred directly from the cartoner by means of a mechanical transfer unit. Thanks to the wide range of setting options, the system can be adjusted to different box dimensions in a matter of seconds. An ink jet or laser system prints unique data such as, batch codes, expiry dates and 2D barcodes in a very high quality on the side of the collapsible box. The camera system verifies the printed data and saves this in an internal database. A dynamic weighing section ensures highest weighing accuracy to hit the target weight and ensure completeness of all products being weighed. Illegible or poor quality products are removed reliably and accurately. The easy-to-use and highly adjustable components, the central user interface for product changeover and the rapid print cartridge replacement all ensure that set-up times are kept to a minimum, ensuring maximum availability.

Expertise in pharmaceutical checkweighing

Electromagnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) weighcell technol¬ogy ensures sustained accuracy over long periods of time and minimises weighing errors caused by changes in temperature and humidity.

Maximum reliability

Finely tuned system components including transfer belts, ink jet or laser printing systems and print verification cameras ensure an optimum production flow, perfect printing quality and increased line efficiency.

Maximum precisionprecision

Precise mechanical product transfers and reliable product sorting guarantee process reliability and a high production volume.

Track & Trace flexibilitylexibility

Optimum printing of unique series of digits or data matrix barcodes to meet current and future legal requirements.

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