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Better Data-Management For Better Food Safety Compliance

Data Management Fundamentals For Your Next Clinical Trial

Food safety is an issue that doesn't allow for complacency. Consumers, retailers, food safety inspectors, and the lawyers who represent them, are continually pushing for higher standards and greater transparency. And with each new release of the food safety standards, the auditing requirements become more stringent. Food processors don't just have to provide safe food, they have to prove that they can supply safe food. So how can a diligent food processor keep on top of the data that demonstrates their absolute commitment to food safety?

This white paper looks at how the compilation and management of vital food safety data can be streamlined by the latest generation of data-management software. It begins by briefly explaining the principles that underpin food safety, and the ways that the global community has sought to set standards that can be met and audited consistently.

The white paper then shows how two of those standards – IFS Food and BRC Food – are putting more pressure on processors to be diligent and transparent about food safety.

The paper doesn't address the complexities of running a safe food-production unit. Instead it looks at the data management implications of staying on top of food quality and the need for data that's instantly available, easily managed and analyzed, and fully traceable. It shows how the latest generation of data-management software can keep the people involved in food processing – from line operatives to CEOs – in control of the data that ensures the quality of their food is beyond reproach.

Food processing professionals who are well aware of the HACCP process and the requirements of IFS Food or BRC Food can skip Sections 2, 3, and 4.

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