Case Study

Organic Food Manufacturer Installs Vision Inspection And Checkweigher For Reduced Packaging Risks

Source: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

Staying on top of technology in a competitive market makes Crofter's Foods a leader in the organic and all natural food industries. Starting with a new facility in 2016, the company worked with METTLER TOLEDO to enable advanced label verification, as well as checkweighing for product accuracy. Using the METTLER TOLEDO systems, Crofters is able to monitor and verify every product package meets their specifications and offer their customers the advanced tracking information they desire.

Founder, Gerhard Latka, prides himself on this family-owned business that produces a variety of fruit spreads, conserves, jellies and jams made from all natural ingredients. "We were one of the very early organic producers of any sort of organic products around," Latka states. With this in mind, advanced label printing and label verification was developed to support consumer desire to learn more about the raw ingredients in their product.

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection