TransTours coordinates mill/plant visits to bring the exhibitor to the plant site with their products and new technology

The A15 is a high-performance compressed air vacuum designed for environments where electricity is either unavailable or undesirable. The compact vacuum can be easily wheeled around equipment and into corners to capture ultra-fine powders, dust, and debris.

The Sweco Sono-Energy™ System allows separations of light bulk density powders previously thought impossible. The Sono-Energy creates a secondary ultrasonic vibration that prevents blinding on fine meshes (60-635 mesh).
The Spiroflow range of sack fillers has been designed and developed over many years to provide efficient and reliable operation for any kind of dry product
The Universal Sanitary Design (USD) UV Water Treatment Unit is an advanced UV treatment system manufactured to keep pace with the toughest purity specifications for the production of ultrapure water for the food and beverage industry.

For process and discrete manufacturers in the food & beverage, consumer packaged goods pharmaceutical, metals and industrial manufacturing industries with either single or multi-plant operations, Factory MES provides out of the box capabilities to: monitor shop floor data in real-time, allowing operators to act immediately to improve and become accountable for their individual and team performance; Paperless Quality and SPC to improve product quality and reduce waste/giveaway, and structured reviews to drive action and focus improvement efforts.