Food X-Ray Inspection System For Difficult Contaminants: X36 Series DXD+


Advanced Detector Technology.
The cutting-edge DXD+ dual energy detector, which can be incorporated into the X36, offers unrivaled contamination detection of hard-to-find contaminants such as calcified bone, rubber, and glass in textured and overlapping product applications.

Exceeding Detection Requirements
DXD+ detector technology can surpass market expectations for contamination detection and meet the most demanding customer specifications.

Improved Inspection with AMD
Powered by our AMD software with the latest advanced material discrimination algorithms, the DXD+ offers exemplary contamination detection.

User-friendly Features
Automated product set-up and intelligent software improve uptime, reduce costs, enhance detection sensitivity, and minimize False Reject Rates.

Leading Innovation
The DXD+ is at the forefront of R&D in product inspection technologies. This innovative detector will help protect brands and promote product safety.

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