X-Ray Inspection Equipment for Canned Foods: Mettler-Toledo Safeline

X-Ray Inspection Equipment for Canned Foods: Mettler-Toledo Safeline

Safeline X-ray inspection systems provide superior contamination detection for manufacturers producing food, beverages and pet food products packaged in a wide variety of metal cans. With x-ray inspection solutions for products packaged in cans of all shapes and sizes, applications include canned baby food, ready meals, fish and seafood, meat, tinned fruit and vegetables, pet food and beverages in cans.

In addition to providing unsurpassed contamination detection, Safeline X-ray's canned food inspection equipment is capable of providing food quality assurance by performing a variety of product quality checks. Our food x-ray inspection systems have the ability to simultaneously perform a wide range of in-line quality checks to measure mass, monitor fill levels (with filler feedback)and check for container defects, e.g. inspection and rejection of dented cans from the production line.

Canned x-ray systems simply straddle existing production conveyors and take up minimum line space. This provides a quick, easy and cost-effective installation without the creation of additional product transfer points. By ensuring the safety and integrity of food-filled cans, Safeline X-ray systems can help avoid product recalls, protect consumers and safeguard brand reputations. 

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