When large quantities of small packaged goods need to be inspected there are four models in the Specific Applications series of x-ray inspection systems. A large aperture infeed system allows for the inspection of large cartons, cases and bags, as well as those containing multiple small packs.

The success of an X-ray scanner is based largely on the use of powerful software routines combined with high-resolution X-ray images. The software relies on two parameters: grey values and contrast. Grey values represent the differing density of the products inspected. The second parameter is the contrast, which is understood to mean the comparison of a value with its neighboring cells.

Eagle Product Inspection is experienced in providing x-ray inspection solutions to the poultry industry and we understand the different challenges inherent to the industry, especially regarding detection of bones.

The X33 Series Bulk Variant x-ray system provides exceptional contamination detection in unpackaged products in a bulk flow format. Inspecting up to 5,000kg of product per hour.

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline's canned food x-ray inspection systems provide superior contamination detection for manufacturers producing food and beverages packaged in a wide variety of metal cans.

The design of the X3725 ensures consistent product presentation thanks to an integrated conveyor and product specific guiderails, ensuring maximum detection of contaminants.


Explore key considerations for inspection at the raw material stage as well as food safety inspection technologies that can be applied in this early step in the food manufacturing process.

A holistic product inspection plan can help companies seize the highly profitable and rapidly growing business opportunity of quick-prep foods and meal kits while ensuring food safety and brand protection.

Explore foreign object detection technologies and their respective capabilities in detail to learn which may be most appropriate for your individual product, packaging, and processing requirements.