Cap & Fill Level Vision Inspection Systems

Cap-fill level inspection

A missing or cocked cap on a product package can result in unnecessary product waste and costly rework, which leads to lost profits. Our systems can quickly identify products with missing or improperly-applied caps, removing them from the production line and alerting operators to the issue.

Fill Level Detection

Unnecessary product giveaway is a source of lost profit, and under-filled products can result in trouble from government regulators. Along with cap presence and positioning, our vision systems are also capable of performing fill level inspection in order to ensure that all packages have been properly filled.

Tamper Band Inspection

For many products, a tamper-evident device provides reassurance to consumers that the product has not been altered in any way. The lack of such a band damages consumer confidence, and results in returns and rework. Our systems help ensure that every product that heads to retail has a properly-affixed tamper band.

Smart Cameras and PC Based Vision Systems

Simple cap detection and tamper band inspection applications can be handled quickly and easily by a smart camera based system, but depending on the amount of other inspections desired, some additional processing power might be necessary to maintain production speeds. In that case, a PC-based inspection system can provide high throughput speeds without sacrificing accuracy.

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection