Checkweigher for Cans and Boxes: Checkweigher C3570 & C3530

check weigher c3570

Whether you're working with oval cans, flat bags, rectangular boxes or even square ones, the C3570 checkweigher uses outstanding precision and speed to weigh products in all types of packaging. In addition to its large product setup memory, it stands out from the crowd thanks to its ability to be integrated into production lines with ease, variety of data communication interfaces and wide range of options.


200 product setup memories allow you to change quickly to a different item when changing over production. Counter readings for each zone plus "total count" give you an overview, while the weight classification allows for sorting functions.

Straightforward operation and simple integration into production lines.
Smooth processes, maximum uptime and trouble-free refitting further down the line – thanks not only to our future-proof system architecture designed with practical scenarios in mind, but also our perfectly customised checkweigher configurations.

Up to 33% higher performance
Don't let anything stand in the way of increasing production line throughput. The C3000 system combines high throughput with the utmost accuracy to promote tighter manufacturing tolerances in your production facility. Improved processes mean an increase in overall equipment effectiveness to maximise your profits.

Lower total cost of ownership
Here, a solid design and long service life are what counts. Under the harsh conditions of everyday production, it pays dividends to use machines that are both sturdy and robust. Fewer wear parts, a smaller spare parts inventory and less downtime all result in increased productivity.

"Built-in" safety plus
It's a great feeling to know that you're not only meeting legal requirements, but also the guidelines and standards of customers worldwide. From product transport to sorting equipment – every last component has been put to the test, not to mention every potentially hazardous area. As a result, the potential for material damage and injury is significantly reduced.

Extensive Service Support
An extensive service network ensures timely support plus availability and quick delivery of spare parts. This reduces downtime and keeps processes running smoothly. Service is the key to maximising the benefits and the return of investment of your equipment, that’s why our comprehensive service programme consists of the four crucial elements uptime, performance, compliance and expertise.

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