X-Ray Inspection Products

  1. X-Ray Inspection of Cereal and Grains

    Eagle Product Inspection systems provide exceptional detection of the following foreign objects in a wide range of loose and packaged applications, including cereals and cereal bars in food manufacturing and food packaging:

  2. DualX Food X-Ray Inspection Technology

    Anritsu's DualX Technology has enhanced poultry filet inspection in the DualX KD7416DRWZ model. This x-ray technology is unique because it analyzes two different x-ray energy signals at the same time, allowing it to distinguish between product and contaminant. Even overlapping products can be inspected without false rejecting. It also enables a higher detection rate of low density items compared to conventional x-ray technology.

  3. Combination X-Ray Inspection and Checkweigher System: SCW Series

    The SCW series is a trend-setting combination of innovative X-ray technology and our well-proven HC-A checkweighing solution. This space saving machine can be easily integrated into existing production lines and is available as a single or double-track system.

  4. High Accuracy Food X-Ray Inspection System

    The KD74-h series consists of high sensitivity models that are of high power and high accuracy. Food inspection can be done on hard and soft contaminants. All items must be packaged to proceed through this food safety inspection, and can consist of things such as whole cheese, pasta and meat products.

  5. Bakery X-Ray Inspection

    The use of raw materials often poses a significant risk in food production as these ingredients can contain stones and other foreign object contaminants that ruin machines and remain in the final product. In other cases, foreign objects like foil and aluminum may be introduced to the final products like, loaf of bread; bag of cinnamon rolls; flow-wrapped cookies; boxed cakes during processing and packaging. Click below to read about Mekitec’s food x-ray systems for bakery applications in a customer case study.

  6. X-Ray Inspection Equipment: Glass Containers

    Glass Container Applications

  7. Large Product Inspection X-Ray Inspection System: Cartons, Cases, Bags

    When large quantities of small packaged goods need to be inspected there are four models in the Specific Applications series of x-ray inspection systems. Two models - the KD7447DW and the KD7447DWE - can handle products up to the size of 590 mm X 250 mm. Meanwhile, the KD7337AWH1 and the KD7337AWH2 can inspect products up to the size of 690 mm X 250 mm. A large aperture infeed system allows for the inspection of large cartons, cases and bags, as well as those containing multiple small packs.

  8. ASM Futura: Sorter And Inspection Equipment For Dried Food Applications

    This new series of sorting machines (Futura Series) represents the highest accomplishment in the field of optoelectronics sorting machines.

  9. X-Ray Inspection Equipment For Unpackaged Food Products

    Purposely designed to inspect a variety of unpackaged food products, Safeline X-ray inspection systems are relied upon by food manufacturers in industries such as meat and poultry, bakery, confectionery, snacks, cereals industries. Typical unwrapped food applications include grains, nuts and raw meat, in addition to formed-style products such as frozen pizzas, dough balls, beef burger patties and chicken nuggets. X-ray machines for food inspection deliver the highest detection sensitivity ensuring accuracy, reliability and ease of operation for all unpackaged applications.

  10. X-Ray Inspection Systems For Fat Analysis and Contaminant Detection: Eagle™ FA3 Series

    X-ray systems designed for fat analysis, contamination detection, mass measurement, protein analysis and moisture analysis for bulk flow and carton meat.