X-Ray Inspection Products

  1. Turnkey Inspection For Un-Oriented Containers

    The METTLER TOLEDO Mosaic Compact is a turnkey inspection solution for round, un-oriented containers which utilizes a simpler, more accurate vision processing method than traditional 360° inspection solutions. The system is designed for easy operation by everyday users, reducing operator error.

  2. Product Inspection Of Raw Bulk Materials

    The optimal technical support for starting the production process with a quality control check of the raw goods — the SC-B model. The scanner provides a very high detection sensitivity that checks loose materials of any kind for the presence of foreign objects. 

  3. X-ray Inspection Equipment for Meats: RAYCON D

    Product inspection systems operating with X-ray technology already are widely used in the meat industry. Sesotec's RAYCON D product inspection system primarily is used for the final inspection of packed products and allows high-precision inline detection of a wide variety of contaminants such as magnetic and non-magnetic metals, glass, ceramics, stones, raw bones, and some types of plastics.

  4. Food Sorting Systems For Vegetables: Captura Flow

    Captura Flow food sorting systems are used to remove vegetable and non-vegetable contaminations and to thus guarantee consumer protection. The systems also detect and remove product defects and thus maximize the quality of the end product.

  5. X-Ray Inspection of Foods

    Our latest fully automatic X-ray equipment, the Loma X4. 

  6. Split Beam Food X-Ray Inspection System - X3730

    The X3730 split-beam x-ray system offers outstanding detection sensitivity within food packaging such as doypacks, plastic and glass containers as well as metal cans.

  7. FluidChek X-Ray Inspection System
    The FluidCheK x-ray system is specially designed to meet the needs of manufacturers and packers of beverages and other liquids. It inspects the base area of glass bottles and jars, metal cans and plastic bottles containing fluids, ensuring product safety on high speed production lines.
  8. X-Ray Inspection of Poultry Products

    Eagle Product Inspection is experienced in providing x-ray inspection solutions to the poultry industry and we understand the different challenges inherent to the industry, especially regarding detection of bones.

  9. Sorting And Inspection Equipment For Dried Foods: ASM Vision

    The new Vision sorters series represents the last frontier in the field of opticalelectronic sorters. With years of experience in CCD digital vision technology, this new series uses the revolutionary BLOB ANALYSIS system, the latest frontier in acquiring and processing images.

  10. X-Ray Inspection Equipment: Canned Foods

    Improved Container Inspection