X-Ray Inspection Products

  1. X36 Series Packaging X-Ray Inspection Equipment

    Highly configurable, the X36 offers the highest level of integrity checks across multiple product lanes at high throughput rates for complete brand protection and compliance.

  2. X39 X-Ray Inspection System

    The X39 X-ray System is specifically designed for the inspection of frozen-formed products, ensuring your products are free from contaminants and product defects.

  3. PowerPhasePRO Throat Metal Detectors

    PowerPhasePRO Throat Metal Detectors are designed for use in vertical packaging applications. These food processor metal detectors are normally installed between the weighing and vertical bagging process where they inspect for all types of metal contamination in the free falling product.

  4. Pipeline Inspection X-Ray Inspection System For Foods And Beverages

    Make sure you maintain continuous inspection of pumped products with the Pipeline x-ray system by Anritsu. The KD7483AFWH can inspect products 12 mm or smaller. This detection technology is suitable for the inspection of fluids and semi-solid products flowing in a pipe, such as sauces and fruit preparations. An air conditioner is equipped as standard.

  5. X-Ray Food Inspection System: RAYCON

    The RAYCON X-ray system has an integrated conveyor belt that is designed for use in wet or dry applications and inspects packaged food product for contaminants or other unwanted defects. It features accurate in-line detection of magnetic or non-magnetic metals, glass, ceramic, stone, bone, PVC, rubber, etc., even in metallic or metal-coated packaging such as foil. The X-ray inspection software is also optimized to identify product defects such as broken, deformed or missing product with minimal operator training.

  6. X-Ray Inspection Of Condiments

    Eagle’s food x-ray inspection equipment is capable of contamination detection in condiments packaged in tubes, glass jars and plastic containers.

  7. X-Ray Inspection - POWERx

    Thermo Scientific POWERx High Performance X-Ray Inspection system is rugged, reliable, and hygienic—designed to meet or exceed adverse environmental and cleaning requirements.

  8. Standard High Definition X-Ray Inspection System For Food Processing And Packaging

    Versatility is a defining factor for the food inspection KD74 series. This detection technology has a proven track record to suite a wide range of packaged products.

  9. Gravity Fall Profile Metal Detector

    Gravity fall metal detection systems controlled from a full-colour touchscreen operator interface, for the inspection of powders and granular products.

  10. X-Ray Systems: Inspection Of Tall, Rigid Containers

    The X37 Series offers the most technically advanced x-ray inspection system on the market for tall, rigid containers. The X37 Series provides the customer with the tools to achieve compliance with industry standards such as HACCP.