X-Ray Inspection Case Studies

  1. Specialized Ready-To-Use Food Manufacturer Installs X-Ray Inspection Systems For Quality Assurance Of Products

    When Edesia first opened its factory, the company used inline magnets in their processing line to find contaminants. When they realized they needed a better inspection system, metal detection wasn’t the answer because of the foil pouches used in the packaging process. So Edesia decided to incorporate x-ray into their production line.

  2. Bell Food Group Ensures Quality Of Burger Patties

    As a market leader based in Switzerland, Bell Food Group is one of the major processors of meat and convenience products in Europe. The company has been the exclusive meat supplier, within Switzerland, for an international fast food chain for a number of decades. A new X-ray inspection solution at Bell's Oensingen site in Switzerland checks the customer's burger patties for various foreign bodies, plus product errors and visual defects, such as patties joined together, holes, dents and product flakes.

  3. X-ray Inspection System Provides Safety And Quality For Blueberry Processor

    This case study explores how x-ray inspection helped a blueberry farm's production processes, improved contamination detection, and provided consumers with the highest-quality blueberries.

  4. How Metal Detection And X-Ray Inspection Improve Quality Assurance

    This article explains how a variety of product inspection equipment on the production line increases confidence that due diligence has been taken to ensure product quality.

  5. Bakery Installs X-Ray And Checkweighing Systems For Increased Quality

    Food safety and quality is paramount. Because of this, La Provence Bakery needed new inspection equipment to maximize final product quality after installing a new cookie line in 2016.

  6. X-Ray Inspection Of Rice Grains And Pasta

    This case study explains how Danrice, an international B2B supplier of pre-cooked grains and pasta, uses x-ray inspection to eliminate foreign body contaminants and keep consumers safe.

  7. Inside A Chocolate Manufacturer's Product Inspection Operations

    In this case study, a British chocolate maker explains how x-ray inspection in production processes has strengthened its contamination detection capabilities and improved safety and quality assurance.

  8. Spice Manufacturer Installs X-Ray Inspection Equipment To Detect Foreign Contaminants

    Almi GmbH & Co whose headquarters and production site is in Oftering near Linz in Austria is one of the leading global manufacturers of high-quality spice blends and additives for sausage, ham, meat, and fish products.

  9. Inside A Nut Manufacturer’s X-Ray Inspection Operations To Assure Product Quality

    To ensure that the highest quality levels are preserved at all times, Germany-based Koenig Backmittel processes only the very best raw ingredients, whilst also placing great importance on its state-of-the-art production technology. As part of its incoming goods checks for hazelnuts, an x-ray inspection system inspects the raw ingredients for contaminants to provide a significant part of the overall quality management process. This helps ensure the company follows through on one of its guiding principles, “Quality Ensures Success.”

  10. Cheese Manufacturer Installs X-Ray Inspection And Metal Detection For 12 Processing Lines

    To assure product quality and food safety, one of the world’s leading cheese manufacturers recently turned to x-ray inspection and metal detection technology. The company installed x-ray for bulk packaging line and twelve metal detectors for all of their other cheese manufacturing lines.