X-Ray Inspection Case Studies

  1. Inside A Chocolate Manufacturer's Product Inspection Operations

    In this case study, Thornton’s— a British chocolatier — explains how integrating x-ray inspection systems into its production processes has strengthened the company’s contamination detection capabilities and improved safety and quality assurance.

  2. Spice Manufacturer Installs X-Ray Inspection Equipment To Detect Foreign Contaminants

    Almi GmbH & Co whose headquarters and production site is in Oftering near Linz in Austria is one of the leading global manufacturers of high-quality spice blends and additives for sausage, ham, meat, and fish products.

  3. Inside A Nut Manufacturer’s X-Ray Inspection Operations To Assure Product Quality

    To ensure that the highest quality levels are preserved at all times, Germany-based Koenig Backmittel processes only the very best raw ingredients, whilst also placing great importance on its state-of-the-art production technology. As part of its incoming goods checks for hazelnuts, an x-ray inspection system inspects the raw ingredients for contaminants to provide a significant part of the overall quality management process. This helps ensure the company follows through on one of its guiding principles, “Quality Ensures Success.”

  4. Cheese Manufacturer Installs X-Ray Inspection And Metal Detection For 12 Processing Lines

    To assure product quality and food safety, one of the world’s leading cheese manufacturers recently turned to x-ray inspection and metal detection technology. The company installed x-ray for bulk packaging line and twelve metal detectors for all of their other cheese manufacturing lines.

  5. X-Ray System Proves Essential For Brand New Baked Goods Facility

    Building a food manufacturing facility from scratch would be a daunting project even for someone with a strong background in this industry. So imagine how challenging it was for Ivan and Elaine Pezzoli whose only previous experience was as a restaurateur in Brazil.

  6. X-Ray Supports Growing Food Manufacturer

    X-Ray inspection units ensure the integrity of Dash of Masala’s Sassy Lassi health drinks, as the company expands from Austin farmer’s market to the shelves of Walmart and Sam’s Club.

  7. X-Ray Inspection Helps A Ready-To-Eat Food Maker Expand Business And Ensure Safety

    Competing in the trendy and growing ready-made-meal industry is very competitive. Customers reward quality and established brands with good revenue, but food conscious consumers are demanding quality, new ingredients and products. A Swedish food producer had established itself well to this market and  in  addition   to their own products; they produced food for a large multi-national vendor’s private label.

  8. X-Ray Inspection Enables Meat Processor To Boost Output, Decrease Downtime

    Meat production is the largest food industry in Poland.  The market in this sector is competitive and with products being homogeneous between competitors. Brand value becomes highly valuable since in this space. A product differentiator from competitors and it difficult to replicate by competition.

  9. How A Sauce And Dressing Manufacturer Boosted Brand Image And Product Quality With X-Ray Inspection

    Consumer demand for high-quality, better tasting products is steadily increasing in sauces, including dressing and soy. Identifying this growing trend, a well-known Chinese manufacturer in the sauces and dressings sector started looking for ways to increase its production.

  10. X-Ray Inspection Boosts Safety And Quality For Health And Snack Food Maker

    A California-based health and snack food company founded on the mission to deliver high-quality, healthy food and snacks knows it is in a niche market where customer awareness and knowledge of products are high. In the health and nutrition food industry, where brand image is a crucial asset, the quality process has to be solid, but the company was ready to take its quality to the next level with x-ray inspection.