X-Ray Inspection Multimedia

  1. Foreign Body Contamination: Striking A Balance Between Profits And Food Safety

    In this podcast, Rob Tiernay, Director of Sales at Anritsu, discusses with Food Online Voices how food manufacturers can strike a balance between improving profit margins while ensuring product safety. Additionally, Tiernay explores some of the needs, both in the long and short term, which food manufacturers should account for when deciding if a metal detection or X-Ray inspection solution is right for their company. Further, Tiernay elaborates on the advancements that product inspection solutions have made in detecting low-density contaminants in food products. Finally, Tiernay discusses setting up new manufacturing lines and the best possible point of foreign body detection based on food product type.

  2. What Benefits Do Foreign Body Inspection Systems Provide Food Manufacturers?

    In this podcast, Rob Rogers, Senior Advisor of Food Safety and Regulation with Mettler-Toledo, discusses with Food Online Voices some recent, high-profile examples of foreign bodies causing food recalls. Further, Rogers mentions the most common types of foreign body contaminants causing food recalls and what food manufacturers can do to prevent them from entering the market. Additionally, Rogers addresses the long-term benefits food manufacturers, processors, and packagers will see from implementing foreign body detection systems and offers advice to companies seeking metal detection and X-Ray inspection systems. Finally, Rogers mentions FSMA, how it is impacting the food manufacturing industry, and how it is helping innovate the foreign body detection systems market.

  3. Foreign Body Detection: What Are Food Manufacturers Biggest Challenges?

    In this podcast, Kyle Thomas, Strategic Business Unit Manager at Eagle Product Inspection, discusses with Food Online Voices some of the greatest product inspection challenges that food manufacturers are facing amidst a changing regulatory landscape. Thomas also explores some product inspection innovations on the horizon that will improve product quality and operational efficiency. Additionally, Thomas offers some advice for food manufacturers looking to update their food safety plans and their overall product inspection philosophy. Finally, Thomas touches on some new technology options currently available to food manufacturers for inspecting liquid products.

  4. Solving The Food Inspection Dilemma

    Foreign objects are a common threat to health and eventually food manufacturer's brand. Only a fragment of food production lines are equipped with the necessary technology to find foreign objects. This video demonstrates how foreign body inspection systems benefit food manufacturers' production lines.

  5. Food Contamination: Risk Factors To Consider

    Determining your facility’s risks is the first step to preventing product contamination. However, once risk is determined, an assessment should be completed to determine the areas where the most foreign materials can enter a food manufacturing or processing line. This podcast offers insight to limiting your food making facility’s risk factors of foreign body contamination.

  6. Raising The Contaminant Detection Bar

    During an interview at PACK EXPO 2014, Rob Tiernay, Director of Sales for North America at Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA, discussed with Todd and Todd what to consider when choosing technology for contamination detection. 

  7. Why Food Inspection Solutions Are Absolutely Necessary

    In an interview at 2014’s PACK EXPO, Viggo Nielsen, General Manager at Mettler Toledo Safeline, took time to speak with Todd Schnick and Todd Youngblood about the effects FSMA regulations are having on food packaging and inspection. 

  8. Food Online Radio: Food Quality — Managing Contamination & FSMA

    In an interview at PACK EXPO, Keith Rhodes, President, Magnetic Products, Inc., discusses the impact of the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and what manufacturers can do to improve food quality and safety.

  9. Overcoming The Pitfalls In Food Safety Production

    At PackEXPO Katie Moore, Global Industry Manager for Food and Beverage, GE Intelligent Platforms discusses the pitfalls of food safety production and how to overcome them.

  10. Newest Innovation In Product Inspection: NextGuard X-ray Detection System

    The newest innovation in product inspection, Thermo Scientific's NextGuard X-ray Detection System