X-Ray Inspection News

  1. METTLER-TOLEDO Boosts Food Safety with New Next Generation Bulk Flow Inspection

    X36 Optimizes Detection Sensitivity in Bulk Flow Products While Maximizing Productivity

  2. Why Retailers Are Requesting X-Ray Systems For Food Inspection

    The safety of consumers is of paramount importance to both manufacturers and retailers in the food and beverage sector. Not only is there a responsibility to protect those who purchase goods, there is also a fundamental need to protect the brands that encourage those consumers to the stores, and indeed the stores themselves. A number of high profile product recalls have made the international press in recent years, which has highlighted not only the costs involved with such an event in terms of recalling the product in question, but also the crippling damage that can be caused to the reputations of both producer and seller. For this reason, more and more major retailers are demanding their suppliers use x-ray systems for food inspection at critical control points (CCPs) as part of their HACCP programs.

  3. Mettler-Toledo's X37 X-Ray Inspection Series Combines High Detection Sensitivity With Lower Power Consumption

    New food x-ray systems for tall, rigid containers ensure maximum detection sensitivity and high throughputs while reducing operational costs

  4. Quicca: Anritsu’s Newest Quality Control Management Software

    Improve efficiency and effectiveness of your quality control system with new QuiCCA software from Anritsu.  QuiCCA is the fully automated quality control and quality management software you need to more productively monitor your manufacturing process.  From past logs to current processes to future problems, the fully automated software works with your food inspection equipment to support all aspects of production.

  5. The Importance Of Inspection Systems

    When you open a package of meat or use pharmaceutical products, you count on your purchase to be safe and free of contamination. Thanks to the advanced equipment most manufacturers use today, it’s easy to take the quality and safety of food, medicine, and other items produced on assembly lines for granted. But how are these products checked for quality, and how do companies know they’re safe for consumption before sending them off to supermarkets and pharmacies? The answer lies in state-of-the-art food inspection technology.

  6. Rejector Systems 101

    Here is some basic information on a less-than-popular piece of machinery that everybody still depends on: The Rejector System.

  7. Avoid Expensive Product Recalls With OCS Inspection Systems

    Food recalls seem to dominate the current headlines. Renowned companies have recently launched product recalls because of production-related impurities. Affected products include cold cuts, sour cherries, sliced cheese and, most recently, chocolate bars. All were found to have bits of plastic or other foreign substances in them.

  8. Mekitec U.S. LLC And Bizerba Announce Strategic Partnership In The Americas

    Mekitec LLC, a global food X-ray manufacturer and supplier of X-ray inspection systems company, today announces a strategic partnership with Bizerba, the German supplier of industrial systems, to supply its Meki range of inspection systems.

  9. Amway And The Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection Group Collaborate To Implement The Industry’s Best Practices

    Amway, the world’s largest direct selling business, is often called the original social network. In this environment, success is driven by the power of relationships and a strong sense of responsibility prevails, including a commitment to maintain the highest product quality. This led Amway to turn to Mettler-Toledo’s Product Inspection Group and establish a collaborative problem-solving relationship.

  10. How Zinetti Foods Uses A Next-Generation X-Ray Inspection System To Bolster Food Safety

    Zinetti Food Products makes gourmet lasagnas and other prepared entrees that are available in the frozen food sections of retailers throughout Canada and the U.S. Their unwavering commitment to producing great tasting, high quality meals permeates every activity. This article explains how the company recently installed an X-Ray inspection system to help ensure food safety and product quality.