Sustainability Products

  1. Agglutinating Sera - Salmonella And Other Food-Borne Micro-Organisms

    The Remel range of ready-to-use Agglutinating Sera for the presumptive identification of cultured bacteria is now available from Oxoid Limited. These simple tests rapidly detect specific bacterial antigens for the identification, grouping and/or typing of Salmonella and other food-borne micro-organisms

  2. VeriPac 425/LP Automatic Online Inspection System

    The VeriPac 425/LP is an automatic online inspection system for dry-filled pre-made and FFS pouches, stick packs, sachets and flexible packaging.

  3. Intelleflex Launches On-Demand, Product-Level Monitoring For The Perishable Food And Pharmaceutical Cold Supply Chain

    Intelleflex, a leading provider of on-demand data visibility solutions, today introduced two new additions to its product family. The new HMR-9090 Handheld Reader and FMR-6000 Fixed Reader work with Intelleflex tags to enable wireless, on-demand, product-level monitoring by providing the ability to read at distances up to 100 meters or through RF-challenging environments that include metals, liquids and inside packages and containers

  4. Cold Chain Product Integrity: Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

    Dyzle is a global innovator in measuring, analyzing, distributing and displaying business process data in real-time, providing complete visibility in the cold chain. Our innovative and world-leading platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution provides our customers with complete and accurate intelligence and automated compliance reports related to the quality of temperature sensitive products.

  5. DeltaTRAK Announces New Loggers, Thermometers And pH Meter For Food Safety

    DeltaTRAK, a leading innovator of cold chain management solutions and bacteria detection technologies recently announced the expansion of its food safety product line with multiple new food safety instruments including new loggers, thermometers and pH meters.