Products & Services

  1. Sentinel Multiscan Metal Detector For Food Packaging And Manufacturing

    The Thermo Scientific™ Sentinel™ Multiscan Metal Detector utilizes an innovative new technology to overcome the limitation of fixed single or dual frequency metal detectors that can miss metal contaminants hidden in product signals.

  2. Cyber Security Software For Food Manufacturing

    Schneider Electric Software addresses compliance and cyber security challenges from analysis to implementation and management.Expert consulting with a track record of global success helps Schneider Electric assess an organization's current compliance situation and define an overall cyber security plan and remediation strategy encompassing processes, procedures, people, products, networks and applications.

  3. Enterprise Asset Performance Management Software for Food Manufacturing

    Technology, enabled by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is empowering organizations to shift to a holistic and operations-centric view where proactive and predictive maintenance (PdM) enables front line personnel to act before costly failures occur.

  4. Pathogen Testing System for Ready to Eat Foods: Analytical Food Safety Instrumentation

    Food Safety in the Ready to Eat Market has become more complex. Not only is it more important than ever to control the processing
    environment, controlling the ingredient supply chain is paramount to ensuring your brand and more importantly ensuring your customers and brand are protected.

  5. Pathogen Testing Equipment for Meats and Beef

    Roka offers accurate tests with the fast time to results on a single platform with a robust variety of validated matrices across the beef process chain. The Atlas E. coli O157:H7 EG2, STEC EG2 Combo, and Salmonella SEN Detection Assays offer unparalleled ease of use while maintaining accuracy and sensitivity. While other tests require tedious multistep preparation processes, the Atlas Assays have an easy 3-step process that generates accurate results faster.

  6. Metal Detector and Checkweigher Combination Unit: CM33 PlusLine

    A throughput of up to 300 packs per minute, a weighing range from 7 g to 7.5 kg and very high weighing accuracy positions the C33 PlusLine at the forefront of checkweighing and metal detection technology.

  7. Checkweigher and Vision Inspection Combination System: CV35 AdvancedLine

    The CV35 AdvancedLine is the first product on the market that combines checkweighing and vision inspection - designed to prevent label mix-up and weight verification in a single process.

  8. Checkweigher and Metal Detection Combination System: XE100 CC Checkweigher

    The XE100 CC is the first product inspection system which weighs and detects metal contamination using a single short conveyor. The innovative mechanical design not only allows for the extremely small footprint but also enables the transport belt to be changed within minutes to drastically reduce service downtime and effort.

  9. Food Sorting Equipment For Blackberries

    TOMRA Sorting has a solution for sorting blackberries. TOMRA sorters detect mold, stems, snails, unripe blackberries and foreign material in whole and broken IQF (individually quick frozen) blackberries.

  10. Food Sorting Equipment For Olives

    TOMRA Sorting has a solution for sorting olives. TOMRA sorting machines remove discoloration, stems, pits and all types of foreign material.