Products & Services

  1. Operation Performance System for Food Manufacturers

    Alchemy’s Total Operational Performance System (TOPS) is a proven process that prioritizes safety, quality, yield, and productivity objectives to optimize the operations and profitability of your organization. This is accomplished while promoting a culture that includes commitment, behavior, service, and teamwork.

  2. Pipeline Profile Metal Detector

    Metal detection systems controlled from a full-colour touchscreen operator interface for the inspection of pumped food products.

  3. Gravity Fall Profile Metal Detector

    Gravity fall metal detection systems controlled from a full-colour touchscreen operator interface, for the inspection of powders and granular products.

  4. Gravity Flow SD Metal Detector

    Gravity FlowSD metal detection systems deliver unrivalled levels of detection sensitivity to all metal contaminants in bulk, free flowing powders and granular products. All systems incorporate an integrated high-speed reject valve.

  5. HDS Metal Detector

    Metal detection systems for sausage manufacture and inspection of high viscosity liquids.

  6. Signature Touch Metal Detector

    Designed for easy integration into food production lines, the Signature Touch metal detector delivers high performance on-line metal detection. When combined with material handling systems such as conveyors, product inspection can be fully automated.

  7. Signature Metal Detector

    Inspection of your products using the Signature metal detector from METTLER TOLEDO Safeline can benefit the end user in terms of delivering robust, reliable, proven on-line metal detection.

  8. Profile Advantage Metal Detector

    Delivers up to 50 percent improved sensitivity to detect smaller metal contaminants when inspecting products that are wet, hot, chilled, cooling or packed in metallized film.

  9. Super Throat Profile Metal Detector

    Vertical packaging metal detector, with full-colour touchscreen operator interface, optimised to deliver maximum sensitivity for inspecting free falling products in-flight.

  10. PowerPhasePRO Throat Metal Detectors

    PowerPhasePRO Throat Metal Detectors are designed for use in vertical packaging applications. These food processor metal detectors are normally installed between the weighing and vertical bagging process where they inspect for all types of metal contamination in the free falling product.