Advanced Bottom Inspection: V33 Flat Pack Vision Inspection System


Efficient, customizable, intuitive use

Advanced bottom inspection of a variety of packages. The system supports customized lighting and can be extended with top cameras for further applications such as seal contamination inspection.

Effective Bottom Inspection

Supporting up to 400 ppm, capture the nuances associated with various product shapes or sizes where a larger field of view is required.

Application Based Design

Cameras and advanced lighting options help overcome challenging applications where wet, reflective, or uneven surfaces interfere with imaging.

Intuitive Software

Powerful CIVCore software offers a range of inspection options for easy setup and configuration.

Specifications - V33 Flat Pack Vision Inspection System

Throughput 400 ppm
Inspection Type Label Quality Inspection
Label Data Inspection
Seal Inspection
Lighting UV lighting
Strobe LED lighting
Camera Technology PC Controlled GigE Line Scan Camera
HMI 15"
Operating Temperature (no A/C) <35 °C (95 °F) <80 % humidity
Hygienic Requirement Wipe Down (<>
Low Pressure (IP65)
Product Width 300 mm
Label Quality Inspection Label Wrinkles
Graphical ID
Label Placement
Label Skew
Industry Beverage
Custom Inspection Custom Applications
Label Data Inspection Alpha Numeric
1D/2D Barcode
Field of View 200 x 200 mm (default)
Inspection Area Bottom
Seal Inspection Contaminants in Seal
Customization Options Bespoke handling
Design Options Standalone
Seal Check Contaminants in Seal
Product Shape Other

Label Data and Quality Control

Reduce rework or opportunities for product recalls by inspecting label data and quality that could result in label mix-up or misrepresent your brand.

Seal Contaminant Inspection

Check for contaminants in seals to minimize issues in downstream production processes.

Multiple Inspection Capabilities

Add cameras for top, front, or rear inspection, either on the system or on the production line where other packaging steps occur, which is common where products are sorted into another carton.

Advanced Product Tracking

Product tracking capabilities easily integrate with existing production processes for product sorting or to add cameras for more inspection stations.

Multiple Lighting Options

Create optimal contrast on the product using advanced lighting solutions in order to detect defects in labeling and packaging.

Advanced Camera Configurations

Powerful pc-controlled cameras come in a variety of resolutions, lenses, and filters and are designed for optimum speed and performance for your application.

Global Service and Support

A global network of service experts provide fast remote and on-site support. Our comprehensive service offering allows you to achieve regulatory compliance, high performance, and maximum uptime throughout the life cycle of your product inspection equipment.

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