Products & Services

  1. X-Ray Inspection of Confectionery Products (Candy, Chocolates)

    We understand that confectionery manufacturers face many challenges, from maximizing output and enhancing production processes, to minimizing the risk of brand-damaging product recalls and complying with strict regulations and industry standards.

  2. X-Ray Inspection of Dairy Products

    By ensuring the safety and quality of a variety of applications in the dairy industry, an Eagle x-ray inspection system can prevent harmful foreign bodies and substandard products from reaching consumers, safeguarding your brand’s reputation and reducing the risk of expensive product recalls.

  3. X-Ray Inspection of Fish and Seafood

    By ensuring the safety and integrity of a wide range of chilled, frozen and canned/preserved fish and seafood products, x-ray inspection systems can prevent harmful contaminants and substandard products from reaching consumers, as well as protect your business from brand-damaging product recalls.

  4. X-Ray Inspection of Snack Foods

    Eagle x-ray inspection systems provide exceptional detection of the following foreign objects in a wide range of loose and packaged applications, including extruded snacks, crisps, dried fruit, nuts, seeds and popcorn:

  5. X-Ray Inspection of Cereal and Grains

    Eagle Product Inspection systems provide exceptional detection of the following foreign objects in a wide range of loose and packaged applications, including cereals and cereal bars in food manufacturing and food packaging:

  6. In-Line Wooden Chicken Breast Detector

    TOMRA’s QV-P in-line analyzer can reliably detect the muscle myopathy in single chicken fillets or butterflies. This allows to remove wooden breast fillets from the processing line, ensuring consistent end-user quality.

  7. Tabware For The Food And Beverage Industry

    Food & Beverage industry is challenged with effectively maximizing asset performance, increasing uptime and controlling costs while meeting product demand. The Processing and Packaging sectors must adhere to strict regulations, and with the focus on lean manufacturing and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), operators are handling more equipment maintenance tasks such as intermediate cleaning, lubrication and equipment inspections TabWare Computerized Maintenance Management System / Enterprise Asset Management (CMMS / EAM) solution is designed to help Food & Beverage manufacturers manage maintenance, spare parts inventory and purchasing operations. TabWare provides support for complex food equipment maintenance and also helps improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). TabWare specifically helps the Food & Beverage industry by:

  8. Packaging Checkweigher For Larger Products
  9. Compact Checkweigher with Data Capture Technology: EC-E

    Reliability and transparency of production data are the basis of all planning. The EC-E checkweigher from WIPOTEC-OCS guarantees 100% data capture in ongoing production.

  10. Compact Checkweigher: EC-C-VA

    The EC-E-VA model has an innovative design with weigh cells, drives, and belt construction in stainless steel (protection class IP65) and is recommended for use in light to average humidity environments.