Products & Services

  1. Safety and Engineering Services

    At CRB, we believe that Safety and Quality are key requirements for the success of every project. Nowhere is our dedication to zero INJURIES more evident than in our Safety and Quality Programs.

  2. Operations Improvement: Consulting Services

    Reducing annual operating costs by $5 - $15 Million... Achieving 70% faster response time to market... Providing adaptable capacity for introduction of new products/processes...

  3. Energy Optimization: Consulting Services

    As is the case in most advanced technology facilities, efforts to reduce operating costs must be mindful of operational complexity as well as risk to production efforts. Highly specialized, advanced technology facilities call for specialists familiar with unique and complex process requirements to create an effective energy-saving strategy.

  4. Architectural and Construction Services

    A full range of architectural services from initial pre-design strategic planning through construction administration.

  5. Energy Performance

    Energy expenditure is one of the highest operating expenses in most manufacturing plants, reducing energy consumption helps companies reduce operational costs and reduce their carbon footprint. Adopting an effective energy management system is imperative for improved profitability and sustainability. Based on Schneider Electric’s world-class energy management solution, Energy Performance provides comprehensive visualization tools to reduce energy consumption, optimize equipment utilization and improve electrical network reliability.

  6. Label Assurance

    Undeclared allergen in food product causes detrimental effect on consumers who react adversely. It also leads to costly regulatory non-compliance penalties and loss of market share as consumer trust erodes. Label Assurance by Schneider Electric performs label inspection checks at the packaging line, helping food and beverage manufacturers avoid product recalls due to mislabeling and undeclared allergen. Simply put, Label Assurance ensures the right product is in the right packaging.

  7. X-Ray Inspection Equipment: Glass Containers

    Glass Container Applications

  8. X-Ray Inspection Equipment: Canned Foods

    Improved Container Inspection

  9. X-Ray Inspection for Meat / Poultry: RMI 400

    The Eagle RMI 400 x-ray inspection machine is specifically built for the meat and poultry industries for superior bone and contaminant detection, where daily sanitation and hygiene requirements are stringent.

  10. M6 Dual Wave High Performance Food Metal Detector

    Designed with ease of operation, low maintenance and cost of ownership in mind.