Application Notes & Case Studies

  1. Inside Nestle's Food Safety Strategies To Reduce Aflatoxin Levels

    Products exceeding imposed aflatoxin levels can be rejected, leaving a negative impact on brand image. This case study explains how sorting technology helped Nestle reduce aflatoxin levels in its products.

  2. Intelligent Snack Production With Factory MES

    Intersnack Group wanted to seamlessly monitor production processes and review production figures in real-time. This case study shows how MES allowed the company to continually improve its production processes.

  3. Berner Foods Leverages Factory MES To Increase OEE By 68 Percent

    Berner Foods lacked the required shop floor information to identify and address root causes. This case study explains the benefits the company experienced from implementing MES.

  4. Workflow Solution In Food And Beverage

    This application note details how Business Process Management (BPM) software ensures standardized best practices, closed- loop remediation, and operation excellence for a leading European bottler.

  5. How Pepsi Decreased Downtime And Improved Quality With MES Software

    Quantity and quality are staples of Pepsi Bottling Ventures (PBV). But, change is frequent and adapting requires flexibility, attention to detail, and access to production data only advanced software can provide.

  6. Bottling Plant Decreases Downtime And Achieves Swift Payback With Wonderware Software

    Nampa, Idaho – In the consumer marketplace, constantly changing tastes drive innovation. This principle plays out – literally – in the beverage business, where offering a m ultitude of soft drink choices is a mainstay of growth and success.

  7. New Belgium Brewing Improves Performance With MES

    This case study shows how MES software helped New Belgium acquire real-time information on OEE and monitor company downtime so the plant could run at full capacity and double its case production.

  8. South African Breweries’ Soft Drink Division Improves Packaging Line Performance with Wonderware

    Amalgamated Beverage Industries, a division of South African Breweries (SAB), implemented Schneider Electric automation software for a new manufacturing line.

  9. F&N Dairies Achieves Significant Savings In Production, Logistics And Inventory Costs With MES Software

    F&N Dairies was established in 1883 in Southeast Asia, and has become one of the F&B giants in the region, producing more than 24 million cases a year.

  10. Flavor Producer Gains Visibility Of Complete Product Lifecycle

    Flavor Inn lacked a company-wide system for its vital information. This case study shows how implementing ERP gave the company access to this data and the ability to make better-informed decisions.