Application Notes & Case Studies

  1. Reliable Sugar Manufacturing Processes Through Precise Instruments

    In production, Schweizer Zucker processes 10,000 tons of sugar beets per day requiring thousands of measurements and process controls. Robust instruments keep the processes running efficiently.

  2. Improvements In Edible Oils Refining

    Edible oils manufacturers must address output, operations, and resource challenges without sacrificing product quality. Read how a wide range of instruments can deliver this constantly and reliably.

  3. Specialized Ready-To-Use Food Manufacturer Installs X-Ray Inspection Systems For Quality Assurance Of Products

    When Edesia first opened its factory, the company used inline magnets in their processing line to find contaminants. When they realized they needed a better inspection system, metal detection wasn’t the answer because of the foil pouches used in the packaging process. So Edesia decided to incorporate x-ray into their production line.

  4. Detecting Bone, Hard Cartilage, and Contaminants In Poultry Manufacturing

    This white paper examines poultry processors’ challenges in bone detection and walks through selecting and placing the right x-ray inspection system for your production line at critical control points.

  5. Chocolatier Installs Combination Checkweigher/Metal Detector To Reduce Risks

    Metal detection is essential for SQF food safety certification, and checkweighing helps to reliably meet net weight. To support their needs, a chocolatier installed a combination checkweigher/metal detector.

  6. Boosting Efficiency With A Filling & Sealing Packaging System

    A cheese manufacturer was looking for a packaging solution for its line of spreadable products. The challenge: doing it on one machine, with quick changeover, and with an OEE greater than 95 percent.

  7. Bell Food Group Ensures Quality Of Burger Patties

    This case study shows how Bell Food Group, the meat supplier for an international fast food chain, uses X-Ray inspection to ensure burger patties are contaminant free and are of the highest quality.

  8. Foreign Object Detection Compliance With Food Retailer Codes Of Practice

    Manufacturers supplying packaged foods to retailers need to understand inspection and detection system features, options, and performance requirements to provide their brand with the best protection.

  9. Improving Performance With Real-Time Visibility And Quality

    Litehouse Foods is a leading manufacturer of refrigerated salad dressings, cheeses, dips, sauces, cider, and freeze dried herbs, with a long history of innovation and a strong commitment to their employees.  

  10. Madrona Specialty Foods Improves Efficiency With ERP Software System

    Madrona Specialty Foods was relying on multiple, independent platforms to run its business prior to going live on JustFood in 2017.