Application Notes & Case Studies

  1. Decreasing Lead Times With Agile Production For PEZ Candy Inc.

    PEZ Candy Inc., international manufacturer of brick candies, was founded in 1927 in Vienna, Austria and still remains a family-owned business over 90 years later. Their North America location in Orange, Connecticut handles all domestic business and typically produces approximately 4.5 million pounds of candy each year. Since 2005, PEZ has relied on Aptean Ross ERP to monitor and manage their North American manufacturing processes and has remained active in adopting new Ross technologies to maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace.

  2. Effective Yeast And CO2 Removal For Beer QC

    This article explains how maximizing the effectiveness of CO2 and yeast removal will assist in improving accuracy in total acidity measurements at every stage of the brewing process.

  3. Custom-Formula Nutraceutical Company Installs X-Ray Inspection And Metal Detection Systems For Product Quality Assurance

    How a variety of product inspection equipment on the production line increases confidence that due diligence has been taken to ensure product quality.

  4. Unique Contaminant Detection Challenges In Chub Packaging Application

    Metal detection and x-ray systems specifically designed for pumped products in addition to checkweighers and vision equipment ensure perfect packaging and labeling every time.

  5. La Provence Bakery Installs X-Ray And Checkweighing Systems For Increased Quality And Accuracies

    “It’s typical in the food industry to see companies simply react to problems. Our x-ray equipment, metal detectors, checkweighers and tank scales allow us to be proactive and confident that all our products are exceptional,” said Philip Dardaine, CEO of La Provence. “The most important thing is that our food is safe, for the sake of consumers and customers as well as ourselves. We take food safety very seriously. That’s why we rely on the METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection Group.”

  6. X-Ray Inspection Of Dry Pet Food Bags

    The Eagle Pack 550 PRO inspects small and medium dry pet food bags for contaminants such as metal, stone, glass, dense plastics and calcified bone as well as verifies weight .

  7. X-Ray Inspection Of Trail Mix

    The Eagle Pack 430 PRO with Material Discrimination X-ray technolgy (MDX) inspects trail mix products with multiple ingredients for foreign body contaminants, ensuring a safe product while maximizing product yield.

  8. X-Ray Inspection Of Jams In Glass Jars

    What's the ideal solution for quality inspection of glass jars? An x-ray system with advanced contaminant detection, checking for metal and the weight of individual jars may be the answer.

  9. X-Ray Inspection Of Unpackaged Almonds

    Almond farming and harvesting inherently run the risk of including undesirable foreign objects together with nuts sent from the field to processing lines.

  10. Texture Analysis For Health/Nutrition Bars

    Modern texture analyzers can easily test all the ingredients of health and nutrition bars using stored test programs created by R&D; each test is quickly called up and executed in a matter of minutes.