Application Notes & Case Studies

  1. Unique Symbiosis Of Positive Displacement Blowers For The Lower Pressure Range And Screw Compressors

    With its three milling installations Saalemühle in Alsleben (Saxony-Anhalt) counts among the most efficient mills in Europe. The compressed air necessary for the production process of the internal pneumatic conveyance of mill products (small grain, buckwheat, flour, pellets for food stuff) had been produced at first with approx. twenty non-silencing air-cooled AERZEN positive displacement blowers. These produce maximum pressures of 0.4 bar, partly even 0.95 bar according to needs. Most of the units had been concentrated in a central station, partly also installed decentralized in the company. Some units are even approx. 20 years old.

  2. The Rise In Pouch Packaging For The Pet Food Industry

    When traveling or on-the-go, it is easy to carry food and snacks in a small bag. It’s convenient. And this is one reason why consumer pouch packaging is becoming ever more popular in the food industry, and specifically the pet food segment. But how do you efficiently and effectively fill pouches on a commercial scale? Our editor, Anke Biester, pays a visit to the Waldner DOSOMAT assembly hall.

  3. Cheese Manufacturer Installs Checkweigher And Metal Detector For Quality Assurance

    This cheese specialist‘s manufacturing process is characterized by a high level of automation and the use of German machine and plant construction. Read how the XS3 CC H is a checkweigher coupled with a Safeline metal detector, which makes it the perfect tool for ensuring compliance with the HACCP regulations applicable to food production. This CombiChecker checks the product weight and detects any metallic foreign body in a single procedure.

  4. Ice Cream Manufacturer Installs Vision Inspection System For Labeling And Marking Risk Mitigation

    Manual inspection taking place on the line requires a slower production speed. As a result, more manufacturers are turning to machine vision inspection as a way of increasing quality control without sacrificing production speeds. IN addition, both container manufacturers and ice cream manufacturers have sought a better way to prevent labeling errors. After researching available options, one manufacturer decided to investigate vision inspection as a quality control solution.

  5. X-Ray Inspection Provides Product Safety For Ice Cream Production Lines

    With a high volume of products being produced and dispatched to retailers across the region, Miko has always known that product safety is hugely important, both for its consumers and for the company’s reputation. Seeking to further reinforce positive customer experiences, the company recently set itself the challenge of minimizing the already small risk of foreign body contamination to further reduce the number of customer complaints it received. Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray’s InspireX2, designed for high-speed multi-lane applications and able to detect contaminants as small as 0.8mm, such as glass, metal, mineral stone and high density plastic was the solution they were looking for.

  6. How A Combination Checkweigher And Metal Detection System Improves QA

    More than 200 million baked goods leave a bread manufacturer's plant annually. With such high volume, how does the company ensure its products meet the highest requirements of safety and quality?

  7. Organic Food Manufacturer Installs Vision Inspection And Checkweigher For Reduced Packaging Risks

    Staying on top of technology in a competitive market makes Crofter's Foods a leader in the organic and all natural food industries. Using the METTLER TOLEDO systems, Crofters is able to monitor and verify every product package meets their specifications and offer their customers the advanced tracking information they desire.

  8. Glass-in-Glass X-Ray Inspection Provides Peace Of Mind To Condiment Manufacturer

    Marinades and condiments manufacturer integrated an Eagle x-ray inspection system which has proven to be the optimal solution to overcome challenges associated with inspecting glass jars with metal lids, enhancing the quality of its products while providing additional security.

  9. Detecting Foreign Body Contaminants In Swiss Cheese

    Read how the Eagle Pack 430 PRO simultaneously inspects swiss cheese blocks for contaminants, identifies large voids and provides accurate mass measurement.

  10. The Use Of X-Ray Inspection Systems With Condiments And Sauce Packets

    Read how the Eagle Pack 550 PRO with Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) technology inspects packaged products for contaminants such as metal, glass, and stone while simultaneously verifying weight.