Application Notes & Case Studies

  1. PET Bottle X-Ray Inspection With The XR75 Side View
    One of the world’s largest food manufacturers approached Anritsu to help the producer eliminate contaminants in grated parmesan cheese containers.
  2. Missing Inspection Of Dishes In Lunch Boxes

    The XR75 x-ray inspection system performs missing product inspection by area to detect dishes in a lunch box.

  3. XR75 X-Ray Finds Foreign Materials In Trail Mix

    The Anritsu XR75 X-ray Inspection System found foreign materials with a range of densities, including metal, glass, and ceramic, in sealed trail mix polybags.

  4. Powder Flow Analysis Of Flours

    A Brookfield Powder Flow Tester equipped with Powder Flow Pro software for automated instrument control and data acquisition. The flour was scooped into the trough, and the scraping tool was then used to evenly distribute the powder throughout the trough. After recording the sample weight and entering it into the software, a standard flow function test and then a wall friction test were run. Time required for each test was 25 minutes and 13 minutes respectively.

  5. Determining The Powder Flow Characteristics Of Ground Cinnamon

    A Powder Flow Tester with software for automated instrument control was used to test ground cinnamon. This applicaiton note explains optimum powder flow conditions for ground cinnamon.

  6. What's The Perfect Consistency Of Brown Gravy?

    A Powder Flow Tester equipped with automated instrument control and data acquisition was used to test brown gravy mix. After several tests, what was the preferred consistency of brown gravy?

  7. PEZ Candy Decreases Lead Times With Agile Production Software

    PEZ Candy's Connecicut plant produces approximately 4.5 million pounds of candy each year. This articles explains how ERP software helps give the company an edge over their competition.

  8. Effective Yeast And CO2 Removal For Beer QC

    This article explains how maximizing the effectiveness of CO2 and yeast removal will assist in improving accuracy in total acidity measurements at every stage of the brewing process.

  9. How Metal Detection & X-Ray Inspection Systems Improve Quality Assurance

    This article explains how a variety of product inspection equipment on production line increases confidence that due diligence has been taken to ensure product quality.

  10. Unique Contaminant Detection Challenges In Chub Packaging Application

    Metal detection and x-ray systems specifically designed for pumped products in addition to checkweighers and vision equipment ensure perfect packaging and labeling every time.