Application Notes & Case Studies

  1. Inspecting Ground Meat Patty Packages

    The Eagle Pack 400 HC inspects ground meat patty packages to ensure safe product while maximizing yield. The x-ray system identifies patties with bone chips, foreign material, improper portions and eliminates defected patties from production lines.

  2. Inspecting Tuna In Metalized Pouches

    The Eagle Pack 320 PRO inspects upright pouches of tuna and locates contaminants such as metal, glass, and stone, while simultaneously verifying weight and reducing false reject rates.

  3. Pneumatic Conveying Of Dry Material

    Pneumatic conveyance of dry material is a proven method for moving products from place to place in many operations. However, there are multiple types of system configurations possible. Each configuration has strengths and weakness thus, the proper selection depends on the specific process needs. The following article will provide some insight into the different factors to consider when applying a pneumatic conveying solution to a process.

  4. Del Monte Installs Bulk Material handling Equipment For Soup Production

    A Del Monte plant in Mendota, IL is responsible for producing canned soups that appear on grocery store shelves under more than 50 different brand names. Installation of a food-grade bulk bag discharging and metering system that would gravimetrically supply between 750 and 1500 lbs of either material to either of two 900 gallon stainless steel mix tanks in 10 minutes, would not exceed 21 feet in height and, could be quickly disassembled and cleaned using high pressure hot water allows them to producing (6) 900 gallon batches of soup base an hour.

  5. Controlling Dust In Grain Manufacturing Operations

    With the original dust filtration systems were installed in the 1970s and used large shaker-style baghouses the age and style of the systems presented several risks such as worn condition of the older equipment and the low filtration efficiency by current regulatory standards. With new dust collectors from Schenck Process they were able to maintain acceptable dust levels and reduce plant downtime.

  6. Centrifugal Sifters Ideal For Quality Control Of Incoming Food Materials

    The need for the new Sifters arose through the Manor Bakeries move into the organic cake market creating. To handle increased equippment demand and avoid contamination it was decided to have storage facilities and production lines dedicated to organic products. The addition of the Kemutec KEK Sifters allowed them to screen incoming flour and other ingredients to remove any hard agglomerates formed during storage.

  7. Hershey Installs Volumetric Feeders For Accurate Dispensing

    A confectioner installs six volumetric feeders in a new make-your-own candy bar production line to accurately dispense small ingredient amounts into chocolate base bars.

  8. Choosing The Right Gardner Mixing And Processing Equipment

    Mixing is considered one of the essential processes in manufacturing and there are many factors to consider before the purchase of a new mixer. Following is a guideline for the selection, specification, and purchase of Gardner mixing and processing equipment.

  9. Benefits Of A Mobile Milling System

    Regardless of which industry you may be in, with resources stretched and a potential downturn in customer demand, anything that will improve the flexibility of a production facility is welcome. Learn how a mobile integrated milling system that can be relocated easily and be interchanged quickly between products can provide a cost-effective solution.

  10. Recommended Blending Equipment For Pet Food

    Pet foods are specifically formulated to provide a particular breed or animal the balanced levels of protein, fat, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals it needs.