Application Notes & Case Studies

  1. Screening Of Starch Powder With GKM Tumbler Screeners

    A large number of GKM Tumbler Screening machines have been supplied to the starch industry for screening potato, corn, tapioca and wheat starch or starch derivatives.

  2. GKM Flat Deck Screener Provides Essential Nutrients To Cows

    Correct nutrition is essential to cows and all ruminants. This is achieved with appropriate levels of mineral supplements in their feed. Minerals are particularly important because they help in the performance and overall health of the animal.

  3. Kek Centrifugal Sifter Proves Priceless In Pet Food Extruder Protection

    As pet owners continue to value pet nutrition as high as their own, the demand for high-quality, health-conscious nutrition for our pets continues in an upward trend.

  4. Dry Dairy Powders And The Centrifugal Sifter

    Dried dairy powders were first noted in the early 1300’s by Marco Polo. He wrote about the Mongolian Tatar troops in the time of Kublai Khan who carried a paste-like sun-dried skim milk.

  5. Centrigual Sifters Assure Quality Control Of Incoming Materials For Bakery

    A move into the organic cake market where strict guidelines guarantee the source of ingredients and prevent contamination by non-organic ingredients creates need for new sifters.

  6. X-ray Inspection System Provides Safety And Quality For Wild Blueberry Processor

    How integrating x-ray inspection technology into this Canadian blueberry farmer/processor's production process has improved their contamination detection capabilities to ensure the highest quality blueberries to their international customers.

  7. XRay Inspection Of Candy And Sweets

    From inspecting for foreign body contaminants to complying with international food safety regulations, it is vital producers of jelly sweets, candies and hard gums implement effective food safety programs to safeguard their brand reputation and to prevent customer complaints.

  8. XRay Inspection Of Walnuts

    Walnut farming and harvesting inherently run the risk of including undesirable foreign objects in with the nuts sent to processing lines. Selecting and implementing an effective system for finding and removing those contaminants and maximizing product yield are critical to brand protection, food safety and bottom line efficiency.

  9. XRay Inspection , Cookies And Biscuits In Plastic Cups

    Cookie and biscuit manufacturers face many challenges to provide the highest quality products and it is vital that they implement effective food safety programs to overcome these issues, safeguard their brand reputation and prevent customer complaints.

  10. Increasing Efficiencies In Greek Yogurt Filling Operations

    Jalna Dairy was over-filling yogurt containers, leading to "product give-away" and financial losses. This case study explains how upgrading filling equipment prevented losses and boosted efficiency.