White Papers

  1. How Manufacturing ERP Helps Master Completion Estimates

    Few ERP products connect the shop floor and work order schedules directly to the project. This white paper offers solutions for resource forecasting, labor hour scheduling and resource allocation insights.

  2. Digital Transformation And Manufacturing Profitability

    Thanks to the steady progression of technology adoption in manufacturing, significant changes are already apparent in the results of a primary research study of 200 industrial executives in North America.

  3. Best Practices In Demand And Inventory Planning For Food And Beverage Companies

    It’s a classic scenario in food and beverage manufacturing— struggling to coordinate the opinions of sales and marketing with manufacturing and supply chain initiatives on what should be produced, when it should be produced, and where it’s needed.

  4. Proactive Quality Assurance Supported By ERP In The Food And Beverage Industry

    Being able to provide product and lot traceability has become a critical requirement in the food & beverage industry. Food safety regulations mandate that companies have in place quality control plans and documented procedures, while customers may demand that lot traceability be demonstrated to as part of a supplier audit, to ensure recalls can be managed effectively.

  5. Hygienic Design: Safety And Efficiency In Food Production

    In food production, microorganisms present omnipotent risk. This is why facilities, machine builders, and component manufacturers face the increasing challenge of hygienic desgin.

  6. ERP For Food And Beverage Compliance And Traceability

    How enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can help food and beverage manufacturing with traceability and regulatory compliance.

  7. ERP For The Foods And Beverage Quality Assurance

    How enterprise can ERP software help food and beverage manufacturing with quality assurance? Statistical process control (SPC) and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA).

  8. Why GDPR Must Be baked Into Your Enterprise Software

    Can you really prepare for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance with software that is bolted onto the outside of your enterprise resource planning (ERP) or field service management software?

  9. Don’t Let Your MRO Inventory Manage You: Part 3

    Ineffective data collection/management will negatively impact materials management operations. This can lead to  inefficiency, material delays, and increased costs. Here's how to avoid these dilemmas.

  10. Don’t Let Your MRO Inventory Manage You

    A basis storeroom has now been created, and at least basic data about the stocked items has been captured on spreadsheets. Parts are stored safely and can now easily be located. Now what?