White Papers

  1. Validation, Verification And Monitoring For Product Inspection Equipment

    This white paper is primarily aimed at Quality Managers and Production Managers in food manufacturing organizations, although manufacturers in other industries may also find it relevant. It gives guidance on the essential processes of validation, verification, and routine performance monitoring for in-line product inspection equipment.

  2. Food Management Software Optimizes Operations And Drives Profits

    Dozens of features aimed to optimize your operations, assist with food safety compliance and drive profits At JustFood, we’ve been creating software to help food companies manage food safety, improve operational efficiency and accelerate growth for over a decade. Deployed in the cloud and offering features like Microsoft Office 365 integration and custom workflows, our newest release makes it easier than ever to run your organization safely and profitably.

  3. A Food Manufacturer’s Guide To Traceability Software

    Food manufacturers and distributors are more than familiar with the steps and precautions they need to take in order to comply with global food safety initiatives like FSMA, GFSI and SQF. What they may not be aware of is how beneficial software can be in aiding initiatives around lot traceability, safety audits and recall readiness. This guide highlights the functionality and features food companies need from their business software to aid in their farm to fork traceability and food safety efforts.

  4. 5 Legacy ERP Modernization Strategies

    There is a common myth in the software market: large companies are content to stay with legacy solutions and do not adopt newer cloud, mobile and social solutions. The newer solutions, the argument goes, can only work for the small and medium enterprise. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This white paper will illustrate five strategies to modernize your ERP software.

  5. How Food Manufacturers Can Improve Margins By Leveraging Technology

    Family-owned and -operated food operations are often built on gentlemen’s agreements These traditional businesses have moved through a generation or two using wisdom, methods and systems that have served them well. While these methods work, they can leave substantial money on the table. This white paper will explain how leveraging new technologies can help your business improve its margins.

  6. Cost Cutting Best Practices For Food Manufacturers

    You could be losing money and not even know it. Between labor, waiting time, and freight charges, margins could be significantly whittled below the cost of capital. This white paper offers food manufacturers solutions to take control of their costs and how to employ them in their operations.

  7. How Business Software Resolves Traceability Issues

    If any of your activities include processing, packaging, labeling, storing, selling and/ or shipping seafood products, then traceability plays a key role in your working life. The need for lot tracking backwards and forwards across the supply chain has never been more front-of-mind than today, in this era of growing pressure for fast, effective recalls – that pressure being applied by the government, your customers and their customers (consumers).

  8. X-Ray Inspection: Technology And Requirements

    This white paper focuses on the detection of foreign bodies and physical defects using X-rays and provides an insight into the technology behind this method.

  9. Improving Communication and Efficiency Using PackTags in Product Inspection

    This white paper explores the ways in which technology and communications languages have evolved in order to address industry-wide challenges.

  10. 8 Things You Need To Know About X-Ray Application Testing

    Before you invest in an X-ray detection system, wouldn’t it be nice to test the equipment to see if it meets your needs? Fortunately, X-ray equipment suppliers offer a common lab test, called an “application test,” which replicates your production line and scans your sample products. You will learn exactly what the X-ray system can and cannot do before you make a purchase decision. What do you need to know about the application test?