Food Blending Products

  1. Vertical Blenders For Manufacturing

    Ross V-Blenders are most often used for the intimate dry blending of free flowing solids. The solids being blended in these units can vary in bulk density and in percentage of the total mixture. Materials being blended are constantly being split and intermixed as the shell rotates. Normal cycle times are typically in the range of 15 minutes, however can be less depending on the difficulty of blending.


    Rental blenders available for a nominal monthly fee. Test the AC+ dry blender in your facility to ensure it works well in your current system.

  3. ZSK MEGAVolume PLUS Twin Screw Compounder Food Extruder

    The food market used to be our home ground. This is where we have our roots. Under the name of Werner & Pfleiderer, we continuously set new standards in food extrusion with products from the UK dough kneader to the Continua cooking extruder.

  4. Pet Food Processing

    K-Tron feeders are used for a variety of applications within the pet food manufacturing process. Screw feeders (both volumetric and loss-in-weight), liquid loss-in-weight, and weigh belt feeders are used for metering and high accuracy feeding of ingredients into a mixer (batch or continuous), an extruder, and before the packaging line.

  5. Ribbon Blenders

    The Charles Ross and Son's Ribbon Blender range in capacity from 1/2 cu. ft. to 515 cu. ft. capacities. Ross Blenders are stocked and are constructed in carbon and stainless steel. Standard and Sanitary models are available to meet special production requirements.

  6. Food Processing High Shear Blenders – SB Series

    Mixing is becoming increasingly important in the widest variety of processes. Today’s products often comprise a magnitude of ingredients such as stabilizers, thickeners, gums, sugars and other additives. This offers a challenge to customers to provide a consistent blend quality in the most efficient manner. SB Series food processing high shear blenders can help with these challenges.

  7. Lab Vertical Blender

    This Lab Vertical Blenders are designed for vacuum operation and includes a jacketed vessel wall for heating and cooling

  8. Extrusion Equipment For Cereals And Snacks

    The ZSK MEGAvolume PLUS continuously produces a uniformly high quality product in the extrusion of the whole raw material range for cereals and snacks from fine flours to whole grains.


    The AC+ Dry Blender uses the proven design of a tube within a tube and a centrifugal pump, but with the improved shaft and threaded impeller nut construction of the AC+ pump.

  10. Batching & Transfer Of Food Ingredients To Mixers

    The manufacture of any blended food product typically involves the intermediate process steps of transfer and weighing or “batching” of individual ingredients based upon their weight percentage in a blend.