Application Notes & Case Studies

  1. Bakery Installs X-Ray And Checkweighing Systems For Increased Quality

    Food safety and quality is paramount. Because of this, La Provence Bakery needed new inspection equipment to maximize final product quality after installing a new cookie line in 2016.

  2. X-Ray Inspection Of Dry Pet Food Bags

    The Eagle Pack 550 PRO inspects small and medium dry pet food bags for contaminants such as metal, stone, glass, dense plastics and calcified bone as well as verifies weight .

  3. X-Ray Inspection Of Trail Mix

    This application notes demonstrates how Material Discrimination X-ray inspects multiple-ingredient trail mix products for foreign body contaminants and ensures a safe product and maximum yield.

  4. X-Ray Inspection Of Jams In Glass Jars

    What's the ideal solution for quality inspection of glass jars? An x-ray system with advanced contaminant detection, checking for metal and the weight of individual jars may be the answer.

  5. X-Ray Inspection Of Unpackaged Almonds

    Almond harvesting runs the risk of including foreign objects in processing lines. Implementing an effective inspection system is critical to brand protection, food safety, and bottom-line efficiency.

  6. Texture Analysis For Health/Nutrition Bars

    Modern texture analyzers can easily test all the ingredients of health and nutrition bars using stored test programs created by R&D; each test is quickly called up and executed in a matter of minutes. 

  7. Cookie Company Integrates New ERP Software To Streamline Baking Processes

    Almondina Brand Cookies needed an integrated ERP to help streamline complex baking process. This case study examines the cookie manufacturer's selection and implemention processes of its new ERP.

  8. X-Ray Inspection Of Cookie Dough

    Cookie dough manufacturers run the risk of foreign objects entering their final product. Implementing an effective inspection system to tighten operating tolerances that maximize yields is critical to profitability.

  9. Candy Manufacturer Boosts Profits And Efficiency With Air Demand Analysis

    This case study explains how a candy manufacturer used an Air Demand Analysis (ADA) to identify areas of waste and inefficiency and then implemented corrective actions to boost profits and efficiency.

  10. X-Ray Inspection Of Rice Grains And Pasta

    This case study explains how Danrice, an international B2B supplier of pre-cooked grains and pasta, uses x-ray inspection to eliminate foreign body contaminants and keep consumers safe.