Application Notes & Case Studies

  1. Kitchen Partners Needed MRP And A MPS

    When Kitchen Partners Limited got to the point where they were manufacturing 100 custom items, they “experienced an exponential explosion in the requirement for BOM [bills of material],” says Jason Hawrish.

  2. Fresherized Foods Gets A Global Inventory System

    Fresherized Foods needed a real-time inventory system that tied into the accounting-side of things. The company invested in ERP to solve its inventory problems and enhance its business platform.

  3. Global Confections Manufacturer Easily Pulls Gum Sheeter Technology And Cost Efficiency Into The Digital Era

    Over the past 100 years, chewing gum manufacturers have radically diversified their offerings with new shapes, sizes, ingredients, flavors and purposes. However, as the industry evolved, manufacturing systems lagged, risking efficiency and profitability. This case study explains how one confectioner broke away from legacy, mechanical-based chewing gum sheeter machines for an open architecture system.

  4. How Magnetic Separation Equipment Helps Eliminate Contamination Risks

    Foods from tree nuts require constant attention to eliminate contamination. This case study shows how metal detectors and magnetic separation equipment maintain product purity at Cache Creek Foods.

  5. Meeting the Complex Filling Needs while Improving Line Efficiency

    Ingredient Manufacturer Finds Filling Solution and Partner at PACK EXPO International

  6. Performance Testing Of Rare Earth Magnetic Tubes

    Tube/grate magnets offer enhanced protection against metal contamination. This report documents pull strength and magnetic field strength measurements for 12 commercially-available tube magnets.

  7. Inside A Hot Dog Manufacturer’s Food Safety & Foreign Contamination Detection

    This case study explores the food safety endeavors of Smith Provision Company, a manufacturer of premium-quality hot dogs and sausages, and how the company prevents foreign body contamination.

  8. What Is Haze?

    Haze - what exactly does it mean? Get an insight into this phenomenon and realize its meaning. Distilleries and breweries monitor the filtering process, perform stability tests and value HazeQC ME’s temperature-controlled measuring cell.

  9. Supporting Food And Beverage R&D With An ELN

    Research in the food and beverage industry resembles its counterpart in life science. It drives product innovation and underpins intellectual property—and consequently must be documented to support product claims, safeguard patents, and secure corporate knowledge. Yet while pharmaceutical scientists have not only widely adopted electronic lab notebooks (ELNs), but have been credited with spearheading their development, food and beverage companies have only recently begun adopting BIOVIA ELNs. It’s not for lack of interest.

  10. Dried Fruit: How To Test For Texture

    What type of test will confirm that dried fruits are cooked correctly and have the crispy crunchy texture that consumers crave? This application note explains texture testing methods for dried fruits.