Application Notes & Case Studies

  1. Bulk Flow Nuts: KD7416ABWH X-Ray Application Report

    Almonds were fed through the bulk flow x-ray system in a consistent flow usually using a vibratory conveyor. Results using this technique are very accurate compared to online installations. Quartz stones and standard test sample spheres were introduce on top of, below and inside the product for accuracy testing.

  2. The Importance Of Testing The Entire Package For Shelf Life Results

    The shelf life of a product in a package can be very different from the projected shelf life obtained from testing a flat film.  Most packaging R&D work is done using flat films, which is essential for identifying suitable packaging materials. However, when a film is formed into a package, defects created during the manufacturing process as well as during shipping or distribution can weaken the barrier provided by the package as a whole. This must be taken into account during development or the shelf life of the product may be less than expected, which can lead to problems such as recalls or even legal action.

  3. Automation System Maximizes Productivity For Soy Oil Production Plant

    Extracting oil from soybeans is a complex process. The owners of a soy oil production plant in Paraguay wanted to maximize productivity while minimizing the risk of downtime. To do so, they required an integrated automated solution.

  4. SABMiller Brewery Groups New Radar Level Transmitters Exceed Hygienic Design Specs

    The Sitrans LR250 hygienic encapsulated antenna (HEA) is specifically tailored to the requirements of beverage production. The SABMiller brewery group recently demonstrated that the radar level transmitter with a hygienic design also meets these high requirements in practice.

  5. Salt Manufacturer Increases Automation Production Analysis With Laboratory Information Management System

    A salt manufacturer has benefited greatly from automating its production analysis with a laboratory information manage­­ment system. Implementation was quick and simple, and employees adapted easily to the user-friendly controls.

  6. Sugar Manufacturer Improves Mill Efficiency by 30 Percent With Integrated Drive System

    Despite the challenges currently facing the global sugar industry, a sugar manufacturer has improved its mill efficiency by 30 percent following the replacement of its steam turbine with an integrated drive system. 

  7. A Pump Is Only As Good As Its Shaft Seal

    At a large and prospering dairy in Denmark, an Alfa Laval LKH pump successfully sent liquid through a regulating valve for two years without any problems. But when it was time to replace the shaft seal, a “pirate” seal was substituted for the genuine Alfa Laval part. The pirate seal lasted only 16 days.

  8. Sealing The Deal

    When it comes to seals, there is definitely more than meets the eye. While many manufacturers now create seals promoted to be compatible with the LKH pump, it’s definitely a case of “buyer beware”. These look-alike alternatives are often substandard and could lead to significant mechanical problems - even with normal use. Due to a number of key differences between competitive and genuine Alfa Laval seals, these faulty seals are to be used at your own risk as they may cause severe damage and downtime.

  9. Increasing The Shelf Life Of Dried Fruit

    A Turkish producer of dried fruit needed a solution to increase the shelf life of its rehydrated dried grapes in pouch. The dried grapes were filled into a retortable pouch with a volume of water (75% fruit, 25% water). The challenge for the retort process in the autoclave would be to allow rehydration of the grapes to occur, as well as increase shelf stability.

  10. Inside A Walnut Manufacturer’s Sorting And Inspection Operations

    Since 1904, Andersen’s has been farming prunes, walnuts and cattle in the small town of Vina, located in the Northern Sacramento Valley. Four generations later Andersen & Sons is still going strong.