Food Industry Insights

  1. Can X-Ray Inspection Detect Plastic In Food?

    The number of food recalls from plastic contamination has more than doubled over the last 12 months. This article explains why this is happening and the technologies currently available to prevent it.

  2. 4 Parts Of Culture That Impact Total Operational Performance

    Food manufacturers often become so focused on maximizing yield and productivity that safety and quality are put on the back burner. This is where four parts of performance culture reinforce safety and quality.

  3. Time To Sort Out Food Waste

    Almost one-third of all food produced worldwide is never eaten and leads to 1.3 billion tons of food waste each year. This includes around 45 percent of all fruit and vegetables and 20 percent of meat. Just one-quarter of this wasted food could feed the 795 million chronically-hungry people around the world. Of this waste, over half (54 percent) is lost in upstream processes, including agricultural production and post-harvest handling. The other 46 percent is wasted in processing, distribution, and consumption. With the cost of this totaling $750 billion annually to the global economy, addressing food wastage offers significant potential to ease pressures on natural resources and the tightening balance of supply and demand.

  4. How To Cut Costs With Inventory Traceability Software

    When you dig in and begin to understand the cost savings from implementing traceability software into your organization, it quickly becomes apparent that the savings far outweigh the investment.

  5. 6 Things Big-Box Retailers Look For When They Tour Food Manufacturing Facilities

    When a big-box retailer tours a food manufacturing facility to vet the company’s operations, every process needs to be fully optimized and prepared for scrutiny. Below are the essentials that need to be covered to meet the needs of big-box retailers.

  6. 5 Ways To Create More Accurate Demand Forecasts

    Have you ever paused to consider the importance of accurate demand forecasting? Obviously you know it’s crucial to your organization’s success, but until you really hone in on the different reasons behind the need for accuracy, you won’t take customer forecasting as seriously as you should.

  7. Packaging Is Part Of Food Safety, Too

    It may not be edible, but packaging has a major impact on keeping food safe and displaying to customers the care with which your product is produced. Comprehensive food safety training is just as important for employees in the packaging industry as it is for those in food manufacturing facilities.

  8. Closing The Gaps In Food Safety Training

    Frontline workers play a direct and critical role in food safety. But are they trained, monitored, and coached on proper food handling techniques and practices? Are they part of a strong food safety culture?

  9. 5 Ways Product Inspection Can Increase Profits For Meat Processors

    This article shows how advanced product inspection equipment can help processors remain competitive by offering multilayered benefits.

  10. Best Practices In Supply Chain Management For The Food Industry

    Effective Inventory Management (EIM) and JustFoodERP pair up to bring you Best Practices for the Food Industry.