Eriez Case Studies

  1. How Metal Detectors Help Deliver Contaminant-Free Dried Fruit Snacks

    Mariani Packing Company established critical control points (CCP) in its five processing facilities. This case study explores those CCPs, how they were found, established, and the benefits they provide.

  2. How State-Of-The-Art Metal Detectors Are Making Sweets Safe

    This case study explores Cottage Bakery's efforts to safeguard its products from metals, such as brass and stainless steel, that can contaminate food during production.

  3. Basciani Foods Achieves High Ranking For Total Quality Assurance And HACCP

    In this case study, a mushroom farm looked for a proper solution to isolate metal fragments in its processing stage while the mushrooms are being sliced before packaging.

  4. Hershey’s Pursuit Of Food Safety

    Implementing food metal detection technology with Rare Earth Magnets played a critical role in meeting safety guidelines at Hershey’s Chocolate World attraction.

  5. Eliminating Food Safety Contamination Risks For Spices/Breading/Mixes

    This case study explains how Old Mansion Foods - a spice, seasoning, and dry mix manufacturer - uses metal detection to keep its products contaminant free and consumers safe.

  6. How Magnetic Separation Equipment Helps Eliminate Contamination Risks

    Foods from tree nuts require constant attention to eliminate contamination. This case study shows how metal detectors and magnetic separation equipment maintain product purity at Cache Creek Foods.

  7. Performance Testing Of Rare Earth Magnetic Tubes

    Tube/grate magnets offer enhanced protection against metal contamination. This report documents pull strength and magnetic field strength measurements for 12 commercially-available tube magnets.

  8. Inside A Hot Dog Manufacturer’s Food Safety & Foreign Contamination Detection

    This case study explores the food safety endeavors of Smith Provision Company, a manufacturer of premium-quality hot dogs and sausages, and how the company prevents foreign body contamination.

  9. Global Health Industries Relies On Metal Detectors From Eriez To Uncover Tramp Metal In Packaged Nutraceuticals Before Shipment

    When it comes to producing private label vitamins and supplements for its network of distributors, family-owned Global Health Industries of Ogden, Utah cannot and will not cut corners on quality control measures. Numerous product safety checkpoints must be in place, beginning with the receiving of raw materials and ending with final packaging prior to shipment.

  10. Metal Detector Provides Margin Of Safety For Boxed Pecans

    Stone Mountain Pecan has based its reputation on bringing quality pecan products to market and, in so doing, taking measured steps to ensure product purity before shipment. Although Stone Mountain has never had a problem detecting metal visually, they wanted to add another margin of safety.