ServoForm™ Confectionery Depositing Systems

ServoForm Confectionery Depositing System web

The Schenck Process Group Baker Perkins modular ServoForm™ depositing systems comprise a depositor head with a specified starch-free mould set and cooling tunnel, alongside stick placement options for lollipop production.

Starch-free moulding lines to provide continuous, fully automatic confectionery production

A full range of equipment, from cooking and depositing to product finishing, allows Baker Perkins to offer everything needed to set up a starch-free moulding line to provide continuous, fully automatic confectionery production process.

High quality confectionery

Continuous, accurate depositing at final moisture creates confectionery pieces that are perfectly shaped, with a beautifully smooth surface finish, no air bubbles and no flashing. Pieces taste better through enhanced flavor release and a smoother texture.

Versatile one-shot depositing process

ServoForm™ depositors can produce an almost unlimited variety of solid, striped and layered confectionery with multiple flavors and components. Fillings and inclusions can be incorporated easily and multiple depositing heads can be combined on the same line for additional versatility or output.

Efficient, low cost production

High output production with rapid changeovers, low scrap rates and minimal labor requirements. Consistent size, shape and weight contribute to improved wrapping efficiency, and enhanced hygiene features reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.