X-Ray Inspection Systems For Canned Foods


METTLER TOLEDO Safeline's canned food x-ray inspection systems provide superior contamination detection for manufacturers producing food and beverages packaged in a wide variety of metal cans.

Canned Applications

Inspection solutions are available for a wide variety of applications and can shapes and sizes. Typical applications include baby food, ready meals, fish and seafood, meat, fruit and vegetables, pet food and beverages.

Increased Probability of Detection

X-ray systems detect glass, metal, mineral stone, high-density plastic and calcified bone within canned products. Detecting physical contaminants that are located on the base or side walls of cans, especially if the can has side wall ribbing, can prove challenging. Our split beam x-ray system overcomes this by imagining every can twice. Each image represents a different viewing angle, increasing the coverage for inspection inside the container and the probability of contaminant detection.

In-line Quality Checks

In addition to providing physical contaminant detection, METTLER TOLEDO Safeline's canned food inspection systems provide additional quality assurance by performing a variety of product and presentation checks. Systems are able to simultaneously perform a wide range of quality functions including the monitoring fill levels, measuring headspace and detecting container defects.

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