Metal Contamination News

  1. Expanded Line Of Profile Metal Detection Systems Bolsters

    To help food manufacturers respond to new regulatory pressure and shorter production runs of a variety of products, Mettler Toledo Safeline has expanded its Profile range of metal detection systems.  Designed with productivity and flexibility in mind, these latest Mettler Toledo Safeline innovations feature the most advanced detection technology for rigorous contaminant prevention and can be customised for any application

  2. New Mettler Toledo Interface Upgrade For Signature Metal Detectors Increases Productivity And Reduces Manufacturing Costs

    Mettler Toledo Safeline introduces the Touch LS interface upgrade for Signature metal detection systems used by existing food manufacturing customers

  3. A Simple But Effective Method Of Removing Metal Contaminants From Liquid And Paste Food Products

    In the food industry, the main contamination risk comes from wear and tear on processing machinery introducing metal particles, often very small, into the product during the production process

  4. Eriez ProGrade Model B Ferrous Traps Provide Dependable Protection

    Eriez ProGrade Model B Ferrous Traps offer unmatched protection for sensitive processing equipment--such as pumps--at an affordable price. These powerful magnetic traps preserve product purity by removing small particles of magnetic scale, rust and fine iron contamination from liquids or slurries.

  5. Thermo Fisher Scientific Celebrates 65 Years Of Food Metal Detection

    012 marks the 65th anniversary of food metal detection. The basic principle of operation for the common food metal detector is based on a three-coil design.

  6. Eriez ProGrade Plate Magnets Offer A Dependable And Economical Solution To Tramp Iron Contamination In Processing Lines

    ProGrade Plate Magnets from Eriez are designed to remove ferrous contamination from products traveling in chutes, spouts, ducts, pipes and conveyors.

  7. Plastic Conveyor Manufactured By Dynamic Conveyor Offers Belting With Metal Detection Capabilities

    Dynamic Conveyor of Muskegon, Michigan recognizes that while cleanability of a conveyor belt is certainly critical in hygienic applications, detectability of foreign objects in food products is paramount. All-plastic food grade conveyor belt construction eliminates the risk of metal contamination from broken pieces of wire belting; however, additional measures must be taken to ensure that contamination does not occur

  8. Metal Detector Rapid Availability Program

    Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. recently launched YES!, a new global rapid availability program for its line of APEX metal detectors.

  9. Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Metal Detector Rapid Availability Program
    Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, has launched YES!, a new global rapid availability program for its line of APEX metal detectors
  10. Metal Detection System For Liquid Products
    The S+S LIQUISCAN metal detection system removes both magnetic and non-magnetic metallic contamination from pumped liquids, viscous products and pastes, such as jam, chocolate spread, soups, sausage, pâtés, mustard and ketchup, before the filling equipment