Metal Contamination News

  1. Pipeline Metal Detector Ensures Metal-Free Vacuum Filler Applications For Food Manufacturers

    Mettler-Toledo Safeline’s new range of HDS Pipeline Metal Detectors is developed specifically for use on vacuum filling lines for detection sensitivity and stability, as well as user-friendly operation in potentially harsh or extreme working environments.

  2. New Metal Detection Technology Introduced for Pet Food Processing

    With recent improvements to Eriez’ line of metal detection and magnetic separation equipment, the company now more powerful systems for pet food processing applications. Eriez state-of-the-art magnetic separation and metal detection equipment is implemented in various stages throughout pet food processing to identify and eliminate metal contamination, including its improved. Xtreme RE7 Tube Magnet Circuit and its newest generation of Xtreme Metal Detectors, which features benchmark-setting sensitivities and value.

  3. Sanitary Conveyors In High Demand For Confectionery And Pet Food Manufacturers

    Eriez® has increased production of their popular TM and VMC Conveyors in response to growing sales and demand from customers in sanitary industries. “We are experiencing a spike in sales of our Model TM and VMC Conveyors for use in food applications, including candy and pet food,” says Rob Yandrick, Product Manager-Vibratory.

  4. Eriez RE7 Magnetic Circuit Is The Strongest In The Industry

    Eriez continues to lead the industry with the new and improved Xtreme RE7 Tube Circuit, which has shown to pull 13 to 40 percent stronger than other magnets on the market today. For customers in the food industry, the increased power of the Xtreme RE7 has a direct and positive impact on product purity and plant productivity.

  5. Eriez Introduces The New Xtreme Enhanced Platform (EP) Metal Detector For The Most Challenging Applications

    Eriez continues to push the envelope on sensitivities, as proven by the development and release of our Xtreme Enhanced Platform (EP) Metal Detector. For companies that are seeking greater sensitivity when dealing with difficult products, the Xtreme EP Metal Detector offers increased metal sensitivity while ignoring product effect.


  6. Now Available – The New Sesotec Magnet Catalog!

    System catalog available again in printed and digital form for downloading

  7. Ensure The Safety And Quality Of Prepared Foods With The Latest Solutions For Inspection And Detection From Anritsu

    As the prepared foods industry continues to expand – driven by marketplace demand for convenient, high quality, ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook products – manufacturers have taken on the responsibility of ensuring that foods are free from any foreign materials, such as bone, metal, stone, wire, glass, plastic or other bodies. To help manufacturers control quality and safety, Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA offers a range of comprehensive detection and inspection systems spanning X-Ray, Metal Detection, and Checkweigher systems, along with advanced quality management and quality control software.

  8. Eagle To Hatch Advanced Product Safety At PACK EXPO

    To optimize manufacturers’ production efficiency and ensure consistent quality, Eagle Product Inspection (Eagle) is continuing its promise of launching transforming product inspection technology. At PACK EXPO International (Booth 1640) in Chicago, Illinois, November 2-5, 2014, Eagle will present a new range of x-ray inspection and fat analysis technologies guaranteed to uphold food safety of multiple products at high throughout speeds.

  9. Key Technology Introduces Sanitary Rotary Finish On Vibratory Conveyors

    Key Technology introduces a rotary polish as the new standard finish on its vibratory and horizontal motion conveyor beds.

  10. Eriez Will Double Manufacturing Space For Metal Detection Product Line

    Eriez, world authority in separation technologies, will double the manufacturing space for metal detection production at its headquarters, according to Tim Shuttleworth, President and CEO.