Food Weighing Products

  1. Premium Checkweigher EWK 3000

    Premium stainless steel checkweigher that delivers maximum performance, particularly for use in production of foods, pharmaceuticals and toiletries.

  2. XS3 Checkweigher: Compact And Highly Efficient

    The XS3 checkweigher is a compact and highly efficient checkweighing solution which delivers process reliability, productivity and profit.

  3. XS1 Checkweigher
    The XS1 checkweigher delivers high throughput weighing of small products. 

  4. Checkweighers: SV Series

    Integration of weight inspection and metal detection with industry’s top-ranked sensitivity.

  5. Beltweigh XC Checkweigher

    Beltweigh XC products provide a level of capabilities that are suited for users that are introducing product inspection to their production processes and those who are already employing checkweighing and looking to increase capacity with an economical solution.

  6. Ethernet Transmitter: PR5230

    The fieldbustransmitter PR 5230 is a product for readout and transmit weight values to installed networks and control systems.

  7. WeighChek CK 2500/CK 6000 Checkweigher

    The Lock WeighChek CK series are the most accurate and reliable checkweighers available today for high speed weighing of a variety of food and industrial products. All Lock WeighChek checkweighers are custom engineered to suit your production line requirements, and they combine powerful electronics with high accuracy weigh cells for the ultimate in dynamic weighing.

  8. ServiceXXL® Preventative Service Programs

    Hi-Speed offers a range in-plant support through a network of Hi-Speed Certified Service Technicians to ensure compliance, optimal performance and maximum uptime throughout checkweigher’s lifetime. Regardless of your location, we have a trained Hi-Speed technician who can provide you with timely repairs, verification, set-up and wide range of other support to keep your checkweigher up and running.

  9. End of Line Packaging Checkweigher, Model XE100

    The XE100 checkweigher is perfect for use in logistics and end-of-line packaging applications, where strict demands are placed on accuracy and ease of operation.

  10. Checkweigher for Cans and Boxes: Checkweigher C3570 & C3530

    Whether you're working with oval cans, flat bags, rectangular boxes or even square ones, the C3570 checkweigher uses outstanding precision and speed to weigh products in all types of packaging. In addition to its large product setup memory, it stands out from the crowd thanks to its ability to be integrated into production lines with ease, variety of data communication interfaces and wide range of options.