Food Weighing Products

  1. Ethernet Transmitter: PR5230

    The fieldbustransmitter PR 5230 is a product for readout and transmit weight values to installed networks and control systems.

  2. Weighing Module For Food Manufacturing: Novego

    The weighing module Novego® was specifically developed to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the food industry. This hygienic all-in-one solution boasts a range of innovative properties to ensure simple, error-free installation and maximum resistance to lateral forces.

  3. End of Line Packaging Checkweigher, Model XE100

    The XE100 checkweigher is perfect for use in logistics and end-of-line packaging applications, where strict demands are placed on accuracy and ease of operation.

  4. Heavy Duty Packaging and Food Checkweigher, Model XE40

    Performance and value, combined with a wide array of package handling, production monitoring, control and communications options, make the XE40 optimally suited to checkweighing applications in virtually all sectors of industry.

  5. Combination Checkweigher & Metal Detection System: HC-M-MDi

    If high precision weighing of your products is not enough and you require an additional reliable inspection for metallic impurities, you need the HC-M-MDi checkweigher / metal detector system.

  6. Checkweigher For Stick Packaging

    The KW6023F line has six different models available that can weigh products ranging from 0.5 to 60 g. The maximum accuracy is ±0.015 g at 3s with a maximum speed of 150 products/min x 6-lanes.

  7. ServiceXXL® Preventative Service Programs

    Hi-Speed offers a range in-plant support through a network of Hi-Speed Certified Service Technicians to ensure compliance, optimal performance and maximum uptime throughout checkweigher’s lifetime. Regardless of your location, we have a trained Hi-Speed technician who can provide you with timely repairs, verification, set-up and wide range of other support to keep your checkweigher up and running.

  8. Beltweigh XC CombiChecker Metal Detection and In-line Weighing

    Beltweigh XC CombiChecker combines in-line weighing and metal detection in a compact and economical package.


  9. Hygienic Checkweigher and Metal Detector System: HC-M-WD-MDi

    WIPOTEC-OCS provides a reliable and robust combination of checkweigher and metal detection in an innovative, hygienic Wash Down design. This model meets all statutory provisions for the food processing industry like IFS-compliant product control, and HACCP or LMHV/FDA (Food Hygiene Regulations).

  10. Precision Compression Load Cell PR 6201

    The PR 6201 range of load cells is specially designed for weighing silos, tanks and process vessels.