Food Weighing Products

  1. Cornerstone Checkweighers: Rugged and Reliable Performance

    The Cornerstone series of checkweighers delivers extremely rugged and reliable performance for a broad range of applications for packaged and pre-packaged goods. Available in XE and XS models, they are ideal for cartons, bags, bars, pouches, jugs, and bottles and can be custom configured for unique and highly challenging products.

  2. Checkweigher for Cans and Boxes: Checkweigher C3570 & C3530

    Whether you're working with oval cans, flat bags, rectangular boxes or even square ones, the C3570 checkweigher uses outstanding precision and speed to weigh products in all types of packaging. In addition to its large product setup memory, it stands out from the crowd thanks to its ability to be integrated into production lines with ease, variety of data communication interfaces and wide range of options.


  3. Combination System (Checkweigher and Metal Detector)

    Space and cost savings is obtained with Anritsu's integrated inspection solution, the combination checkweigher and metal detector system. In one system you can receive high accuracy weighing and metal detection. This combination system is an integration of the SSV series checkweigher and duw series metal detector. This integrated solution combines the best-of-both worlds for safety compliance in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

  4. XS2 Checkweigher
    The XS2 is a compact and highly efficient checkweighing solutions with an industry proven, modular design.

  5. In-line Weighing and Metal Detection: Checkweigher CM3570 & CM3530

    The systems check that the weight is correct and that the product is free from metal in a single procedure, while also offering centralized inventory management, reporting on the checkweigher terminal, fast product changes and ejection of defective products.

  6. Statistical Weighing Module With Transport Belt

    The Sartorius WK weighing modules are specialized on statical weighing with a high weighing precision and a transport belt for right-/left sorting to select IN SPEC from OUT OF SPEC samples. The module with the front mounted Quality terminal allows semit and fully automated operation in the statistical process control. The module is designed for use in-/or on the end of the production process.

  7. Checkweighers: SV Series

    Integration of weight inspection and metal detection with industry’s top-ranked sensitivity.

  8. Checkweigher And Metal Detector Combination Systems

    Bringing together these two technologies with a single touchscreen user interface makes these combination systems optimal for all applications that require an effective brand protection program, and where floor space is at a premium.

  9. Weigh Feeder Refilling System

    A Series 2400 system can refill feeders used in continuous or batch weighing applications.

  10. Metal Detector / In-Motion Checkweighers

    Checkweighers - The Metal Detector and In-Motion Checkweighers from Eriez Magnetics’ can handle many quality control requirements