Food Weighing Products

  1. XE3 CombiChecker (Metal Detector + Checkweigher)

    The XE3 CombiChecker is a very compact in-line checkweigher and metal detection combination system incorporating not only all features, options and accessories of the standard XE3 checkweigher, but also including a highly sensitive metal detector.

  2. ServiceXXL® Preventative Service Programs

    Hi-Speed offers a range in-plant support through a network of Hi-Speed Certified Service Technicians to ensure compliance, optimal performance and maximum uptime throughout checkweigher’s lifetime. Regardless of your location, we have a trained Hi-Speed technician who can provide you with timely repairs, verification, set-up and wide range of other support to keep your checkweigher up and running.

  3. End of Line Packaging Checkweigher, Model XE100

    The XE100 checkweigher is perfect for use in logistics and end-of-line packaging applications, where strict demands are placed on accuracy and ease of operation.

  4. Beltweigh XC CombiChecker Metal Detection and In-line Weighing

    Beltweigh XC CombiChecker combines in-line weighing and metal detection in a compact and economical package.


  5. Versa Chain Checkweigher
    Thermo Scientific Versa 8120 Chain Checkweigher handles weighing, control and reject functions at line speeds up to 700 packages per minute for cartons, cans, bottles and pouches in dry or wet environments.
  6. Low Profile Hygienic Floor Scale: IF Series

    IF Series floor scales are flat-bed scales that are available in various sizes, designs, weighing capacities and resolutions. 

  7. Checkweigher Combination Systems

    Checkweighing, metal detection and X-ray combination systems offer the very best in modern checkweigher technology in combination with highly sensitive metal detector and X-ray technology -in one space saving product inspection unit.

  8. Cornerstone CombiChecker

    Hi-Speed Cornerstone checkweighers can be provided in a wide variety of configurations ranging from compact, two-conveyor systems to those which integrate timing and spacing conveyors, metal detectors, and multiple reject mechanisms all on one standard, easy-to-install frame. Combined with the full featured HI-SPEED XS user interface, Cornerstone delivers maximum checkweighing performance and capabilities as well as superior protection against all types of metal contamination with minimal false rejects.

  9. Cornerstone Checkweighers: Rugged and Reliable Performance

    The Cornerstone series of checkweighers delivers extremely rugged and reliable performance for a broad range of applications for packaged and pre-packaged goods. Available in XE and XS models, they are ideal for cartons, bags, bars, pouches, jugs, and bottles and can be custom configured for unique and highly challenging products.

  10. Metal Detector / In-Motion Checkweighers

    Checkweighers - The Metal Detector and In-Motion Checkweighers from Eriez Magnetics’ can handle many quality control requirements