Food Weighing Products

  1. Checkweighers: SV Series

    Integration of weight inspection and metal detection with industry’s top-ranked sensitivity.

  2. Checkweigher for Cans and Boxes: Checkweigher C3570 & C3530

    Whether you're working with oval cans, flat bags, rectangular boxes or even square ones, the C3570 checkweigher uses outstanding precision and speed to weigh products in all types of packaging. In addition to its large product setup memory, it stands out from the crowd thanks to its ability to be integrated into production lines with ease, variety of data communication interfaces and wide range of options.


  3. Cornerstone Checkweighers: Rugged and Reliable Performance

    The Cornerstone series of checkweighers delivers extremely rugged and reliable performance for a broad range of applications for packaged and pre-packaged goods. Available in XE and XS models, they are ideal for cartons, bags, bars, pouches, jugs, and bottles and can be custom configured for unique and highly challenging products.

  4. High Resolution Bench Scale: Signum

    The new Signum® industrial scale from Sartorius is a compact industrial scale in which a choice of two powerful technologies is used: SIWR and SIWA models work with a strain-gauge type load cell; the high-resolution SIWS models feature monolithic weigh cells based on electromagnetic force compensation. The new Signum® offers exceptional performance features and, despite its wide variety of functions, is a very easy-to-operate industrial scale. The Signum® is extremely rugged and resistant, and perfectly adapts to any ambient conditions in an industrial environment.

  5. CS3600 Case Scale

    The Hi-Speed CS3600 is an in-motion scale for weighing large packages such as boxes, cartons, cases, bags, or sacks for either general industrial or harsh wash down environments. The proven design delivers accurate and repeatable weights while a wide variety of accessories allow it to be tailored to specific application needs.

  6. Precision Compression Load Cell PR 6201

    The PR 6201 range of load cells is specially designed for weighing silos, tanks and process vessels.

  7. Low Profile Hygienic Floor Scale: IF Series

    IF Series floor scales are flat-bed scales that are available in various sizes, designs, weighing capacities and resolutions. 

  8. Weigh Feeder Refilling System

    A Series 2400 system can refill feeders used in continuous or batch weighing applications.

  9. WeighChek CK100/CK200 Checkweigher

    Lock Inspection Systems launched its new range of Checkweighers in 2000. This WeighChek range provides unparalleled accuracy for inline weighing and detection of under/over weight products within various industries.

  10. Starweigh XS Checkweigher

    The Starweigh XS is a unique and highly precise checkweighing system delivering laboratory accuracies at high production throughput rates.