Food Online From The Editor

  1. FDA Swab-A-Thons: What To Expect In The Search For Pathogens

    Increased scrutiny during FDA inspections has left many food industry professionals with increased anxiety. Here, food industry attorney Shawn Stevens answers my questions about the FDA’s microbiological sampling, how the agency is incorporating Whole Genome Sequencing into it, and what food companies can do to alleviate regulatory worries.

  2. Food Online’s Top 10 Of August

    What was most important to our readers in the last full month of summer? Take a look back at last month by reviewing the 10 most-popular articles that appeared on Food Online in August.

  3. How The CDC Approaches Foodborne Illness Investigations

    In the unfortunate event of a foodborne illness outbreak, public health and regulatory officials must act quickly to collect data, determine a cause, and prevent further illnesses. Here, Matthew Wise, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), answers my questions about the role the CDC, and other agencies, play in foodborne illness investigations.

  4. Is FSMA Bridging FDA And USDA Gaps?

    It’s no secret; FSMA compliance is challenging. And for facilities under both FDA and USDA jurisdiction, there are plenty of grey areas needing addressed. Here, Craig Henry, founder of Intro Inc., answers my questions about the challenges and grey areas of FSMA implementation, some of the differences between USDA and FDA regulations, and how uniformity between the agencies could address some of the ambiguity of compliance.

  5. FSVP: Tying Up Supply Chain Loose Ends

    The Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) has meandering requirements and exemptions leaving some in the food industry befuddled regarding compliance. Here, Dr. Janie Dubois, director of the laboratory program at JIFSAN, answers my questions on FSVP requirements, misconceptions of FSVP, as well as its role in laboratory testing.

  6. Inside Ocean Spray’s FSMA Inspection Readiness

    The phrase, “FDA inspection” often sends a shiver down the spines of food manufacturers. But, a routine visit from the agency doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Here, Miriam Maxwell, senior principal regulatory scientist, corporate scientific and regulatory affairs at Ocean Spray, reviews how her company prepares for and executes FSMA inspections, as well as explains what the FDA looks for when it arrives at your door.

  7. How Novel Contamination Detection Methods Raise The Food Safety Bar

    Preventing food contamination is much more practical than testing every product in the supply chain. But, that doesn’t mean contamination testing will ever be obsolete. Here, Vincent Paez, director of the Global Food Safety Forum (GFSF), answers my questions about current and emerging methods and technological advancements helping to keep food safe.

  8. Food Online’s Top 10 Of July

    What was most important to our readers in July? Take a look back at last month by reviewing the 10 most-popular articles that appeared on Food Online in July.

  9. Is Whole Genome Sequencing The Fast Lane To Safer Food?

    Earlier this year, Food Online Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) member Omar Oyarzabal penned a column on Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), its benefits, and some challenges it’s presenting. Intrigued by Dr. Oyarzabal’s article, I wondered what other food industry experts thought about WGS. I reached out to two members of Food Online’s EAB to learn more.

  10. Overcoming The Obstacles Of Food Safety Culture

    In this segment of Food For Thought: Establishing, Maintaining, And Improving Food Safety Culture, Lone Jespersen, former director of food safety & operations learning at Maple Leaf Foods; and Brian Bedard, executive director of GMA SEF discuss some of the common barriers manufacturers face in food safety culture and how to overcome them.