Cleaning Case Studies

  1. Cultivating An Appealing Packaging Operation

    Although food safety issues may be the lead headlines of evening news programs with highlights about Congress’ consideration of several proposals to reform the food safety system, including creation of a single food safety agency, food industry professionals are no strangers to the ongoing discussion about food safety and food safety standards.

  2. Dust Collection System Solves Ingredient Processor’s Dust And A/C Challenges
    In its powdered ingredients processing facility, Mulligan Sales required both substantial dust collection and constant air conditioning for temperature and humidity control. Running both systems simultaneously was not an option with the company’s existing dust collectors—an external baghouse unit with envelope-type filters and a manual shaker for filter cleaning. By United Air Specialists
  3. Pasteurization In A Laboratory Glassware Washer

    Typically, pasteurization is performed with a benchtop pasteurization system in a stove-top immersion bath. Bottles are immersed in boiling water and held at temperature for a given amount of time. The problem is while the immersion process is inexpensive, it is neither accurate nor controlled, and the benchtop equipment can be expensive and complicated to install and operate. A solution is the laboratory glassware washer which simulates tunnel washer conditions— i.e. the bottles are sprayed with water at a certain temperature.

  4. Bun Facility Finds Vacuum Worthy Of Its High-Tech Operation

    This case study shows how Turano Bakery upgraded its industrial vacuums to reduce downtime and optimize operational efficiency.