Case Study

Pasteurization In A Laboratory Glassware Washer

Problem: Pasteurization is a thermal treatment applied to foods to destroy pathogens and prevent spoilage. In the food and beverage industry, tunnel washers are often used to pasteurize beverage bottles in a production line. Within R&D flavors laboratories, new flavors and additives are tested for heat stability prior to being used in new formulations and production. Typically, pasteurization here is performed with a benchtop pasteurization system in a stove-top immersion bath. Bottles are immersed in boiling water and held at temperature for a given amount of time. The immersion process, while inexpensive, is neither accurate nor controlled, and the benchtop equipment can be expensive and complicated to install and operate.

Solution: A laboratory glassware washer simulates tunnel washer conditions— i.e. the bottles are sprayed with water at a certain temperature.