X-Ray Inspection Systems For Glass Containers In Food Manufacturing


METTLER TOLEDO Safeline’s glass x-ray inspection systems are relied upon by food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide to ensure product safety and integrity.

X-ray inspection systems are ideal for detecting physical contaminants in glass containers, such as jars and bottles containing a broad range of products such as condiments and sauces, fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables, infant feeding products, ready meals, meat, poultry and dairy as well as beverages and medicines.

Glass container x-ray inspection systems can detect a wide range of physical contaminants such as a shard of glass, metal, calcified bone and high density plastics. Detection is possible irrespective of contaminant shape, size or location within the jar, at high line speeds. By ensuring the highest levels of product safety and quality, our x-ray inspection systems protect consumers against substandard product, minimize the risk of product recalls and help manufacturers uphold brand integrity.

In addition to providing contamination detection, METTLER TOLEDO Safeline’s glass container x-ray inspection systems simultaneously perform a range of quality control checks. Manufacturers can optimize overall production line efficiency, avoid product waste and ensure customer satisfaction by detecting under-and over-filling of glass jars and bottles. In addition, examining for the presence and secure positioning of lids will ensure product freshness and avoid potential bacterial contamination.

All Safeline x-ray inspection systems detect glass contaminants, but the purposely developed glass-in-glass detection machines provide all-round glass inspection by reducing blind spots in the base, sidewalls and neck of the container. Optimal glass-in-glass detection can be obtained using either a combination-beam x-ray system or a system with an angled single x-ray beam. Solutions are available which can detect and remove glass contaminants within glass packages at high throughputs.

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