White Paper

What Machine Vision Can Do For You

Source: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection
machine vision

Manufacturers and packagers know that a defective product or an imperfect package carries a negative message about their brand into the marketplace. Something as simple as a cocked label can change a consumer’s image of a company, and alter a purchasing decision — perhaps forever. And, since the first complaint is to the retailer, that relationship may be irreparably harmed as well.

As a result, most companies have established inspection regimens, tradition-ally relying on human inspectors to spot and reject damaged and defective products and packaging not completely filled or with wrinkled labels and cocked caps before they go out the door.

Those human inspectors are increasingly being replaced by machine vision systems. These systems never blink, never tire, never take breaks or vacation, and are able to detect 100% of the defects they are programmed to capture, eliminating the possibility for defective products and incorrect packaging reaching the customer.

Today, machine vision systems can cost-effectively and accurately conduct item inspections, verify the accuracy of work-in-process assembly operations and maintain e-pedigree records that track a product through its entire production and packaging life.

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection