Case Study

Case Study: Versatile 3-Camera Vision System Offers Multiple Inspection Choices

Source: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

Barton Brands chose a versatile CI-VISION “Label and Cap Inspection System” to inspect the front, back and neck labels on their liquor bottles as well as to simultaneously inspect caps and fill levels.

Spirits bottler Barton Brands uses a 3-camera CI-Vision inspection system on a high-speed 750ml bottling line that runs approximately 50 different products or UPC’s in two bottle configurations. The system adapts easily to inspecting each, switching from checking either for 3 labels or for 2 labels plus cap and fill height as the bottle configurations change. One bottle style carries front and back body labels and a neck label. The system cameras inspect each label for presence, correctness, position, quality and the occasional “flagged” double label.

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection