Case Study

Unique Symbiosis Of Positive Displacement Blowers For The Lower Pressure Range And Screw Compressors

Source: Aerzen USA
Aerzen Milling Industry Case Study

With its three milling installations Saalemühle in Alsleben (Saxony-Anhalt) counts among the most efficient mills in Europe. The compressed air necessary for the production process of the internal pneumatic conveyance of mill products (small grain, buckwheat, flour, pellets for food stuff) had been produced at first with approx. twenty non-silencing air-cooled AERZEN positive displacement blowers. These produce maximum pressures of 0.4 bar, partly even 0.95 bar according to needs. Most of the units had been concentrated in a central station, partly also installed decentralized in the company. Some units are even approx. 20 years old.