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The Rise In Pouch Packaging For The Pet Food Industry

Source: PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection
Dosomat Model 10

When traveling or on-the-go, it is easy to carry food and snacks in a small bag. It’s convenient. And this is one reason why consumer pouch packaging is becoming ever more popular in the food industry, and specifically the pet food segment. But how do you efficiently and effectively fill pouches on a commercial scale? Our editor, Anke Biester, pays a visit to the Waldner DOSOMAT assembly hall.

From cat food to rice or vegetables, instead of aluminum or glass containers, an increasing number of pouches can be seen on supermarket shelves. But why? And how does the food get inside? To answer this question, I arranged to meet with Robert Weber, design engineer for the DOSOMAT. Waldner offers robust pouch and spouted pouch machines in rotary design for small to medium capacity requirements, with a compact footprint. But today we’re standing in the enormous assembly hall of Waldner, in front of a 60’ long (18.29 mtrs.) packaging machine, which is currently running through its last test series before being delivered to the customer.

PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection