PTI Packaging Systems specializes in packaging machinery solutions for filling and sealing pouches, cups and trays. Applications range from products in individual portion packs up to bulk size bags. Solutions include retort sterilization and integrated downstream equipment. PTI’s supplier partners produce exceptional equipment that provides the performance, reliability, flexibility and versatility customers need. Our team can also bring new and creative package designs to market. We support brand differentiation and help make new packaging ideas and innovations a reality.

PTI Inspection Systems is a leading manufacturer of package inspection technologies for the food industry that are non-destructive, non-invasive, and require no sample preparation. Recognized as a thought leader in new delivery systems for seal, package, and container integrity testing, PTI has set the standard for inspection systems that provide repeatable, reliable results. Having a PTI inspection solution in place for QA/QC process control guarantees that your package is "fit for purpose" from manufacturing through distribution.


To fill liquid and chunky products in prefabricated pouches. Closure via ultrasonic sealing and additional hot sealing. 

The UNIMAT is part of the DOSOMAT series. This machine is a fully-automatic filling device for filling all types of products. The range of products extends from liquids to highly pasty and solid products. The UNIMAT is available as an additional dosage device for previously existing closing machines, or e.g. as a flexible filling machine at different stations of menu lines. Likewise, a UNIMAT is also an interesting solution as a solo machine (e.g. to fill glass jars).

Laminar airflow cabinet
A combination of a laminar airflow cabinet with suitable filter grades and sterilization of packaging material makes a closed clean room and can be perfectly used for the following operation conditions.

The integrated case packer of the DOSOMAT 20 inline assembles, according to the packaging arrangement, the cups from the slat conveyor and places them into the pre-made carton or tray.

This highly flexible filling and closing machine is solidly built and easy to operate. The machine achieves rates up to 50 cycles/minute, depending on the product, volume, cup size and head space in the container. All functions are fully servo driven and equipped with highly flexible mechanics. The machine is suitable for pre-made, stackable cups. The cups can be closed with a pre-cut plastic lid, aluminium foil lid, snap-on-lid, sealing from roll stock or a combination of these lid types.

The following products can e.g. be filled: Dairy products like stirred and fruit yogurt, yogurt , cream, curd cheese, processed cheese; nearly all kinds of delicatessen and salads; soup and sauce pastes; dressing and sauces; mayonnaise; mustard; butter and margarine; spreads, honey, marmalade and jam; pâté; pet food; beauty creams; powders and jellies.

The E-Scan 635 is a revolutionary online micro leak test instrument that utilizes a new class of HVLD technology for 100% online inspection of cups and pouches for container closure integrity. The E-Scan 635 technology is a MicroCurrent conductivity voltage test method, HVLD , that is completely non-destructive to the container and product; exposing the package and product to lower voltage than other conductivity based solutions.

VeriPac FLEX Systems are versatile non-destructive package inspection systems designed for pouches and other flexible packaging.

VeriPac 355 is a non-destructive micro leak detection system for container closure integrity and package integrity testing for a wide range of products and packaging formats. This system is specifically designed to test containers for gas leaks for dry products (lyophilized vials, powder filled) as well test for liquid leaks (non-protein based liquid filled vials, prefilled syringes). The VeriPac 355 can be incorporated into protocols at any point in the handling process as it is non-destructive and requires no sample preparation. With the capability to detect leak rates as low as 0.2 cc/min, depending on packaging specifications, the VeriPac 355 is the optimal non-destructive quantitative test method for many pharmaceutical and food applications.

The VeriPac UBV Leak Detection System is a deterministic non-destructive technology designed specifically for multi-cavity blister packs for pharmaceutical packaging. The VeriPac UBV utilizes volumetric imaging under vacuum to detect the presence and location of leaks.

VeriPac 455 is a non-destructive inspection system for highly sensitive micro leak detection of low headspace packaging and liquid filled packaging (flexible and rigid). VeriPac 455 offers the highest level of test sensitivity, repeatability and accuracy these types of products demand.  Applications include vacuum sealed packs, brick packs, liquid filled packaging, pouches and spouted pouches. 

VeriPac systems can be easily integrated into the packaging process to improve quality, reduce waste, and provide operators with a clear understanding of package quality. VeriPac test systems are non-destructive, non-subjective and require no sample preparation. Test fixtures are designed to inspect flexible and rigid packaging. Tests can be performed in any sequence and even repeatedly on a single sample. VeriPac’s inspection method is more reliable, cost effective and efficient than destructive methods, plus it eliminates subjective, misleading results that vary from operator to operator.

The recent premier issue of Waldner World Magazine featured three articles about DOSOMAT filling and sealing machines. Click here to read three cup, pouch, and tray filling success stories from PTI.

K-Cup® capsule systems have become the bestsellers for single-serve coffee. Not just for coffees, but also for teas, chocolate drinks, broths and other flavored beverages.

PTI offers non-destructive inspection solutions for 100% online inspection of retort pouches. The critical issues with retort pouches continue to be seal quality and pouch integrity.

The VeriPac 425/LP is an automatic online inspection system for dry-filled pre-made and FFS pouches, stick packs, sachets and flexible packaging.

For more than one hundred years, Waldner has provided the very best in filling and sealing machines for cups, trays and portion packs. The next logical step was to develop solutions for flexible packaging.

Waldner’s High Speed Pouch Filling Machine made its debut in January 2010 at the Waldner factory in Wangen, Germany. Customers visited Waldner to see high speed pouch filling in action.

PTI's testing service is a cost-effective solution for process control batch testing, test market, product start-up, trial products and can be a valuable tool at various stages of the package development process. Customers can implement a testing program very quickly with fast result turnaround, with the added benefit of using only the services they need when they need them.

VeriCon online inspection systems test bottle and container integrity with precision and repeatability. To accommodate various container specifications, line speed, handling and test sensitivity requirements, VeriCon systems are available in configurations including linear and continuous motion leak testing.

VeriPac systems provide non-destructive micro leak testing and container closure integrity inspection for vials and ampoules, bottles, cups, and many types of drug packaging used throughout the pharmaceutical industry.

PTI offers inspection technologies for both seal integrity and package integrity testing for the pharmaceutical, medical device and food packaging industries. Non-destructive and non-invasive, PTI systems can be applied to both offline and online applications.

The UNIMAT is part of the DOSOMAT series.

Your innovative and reliable partner for cup & tray filling and sealing equipment. The principles of our success are the performance and quality of our products, a lot of production know-how, as well as flexibility with regard to individual customer solutions

Seal-Scan™ inspection systems evaluate and analyze seal integrity with precision and repeatability. Seal-Scan™ utilizes non-contact airborne ultrasound technology to detect various types of pouch seal defects, visible and invisible, leaking and non-leaking, process-related and random.

VeriPac Leak Testers provide non-destructive leak testing of pouches and flexible packaging. The new "drawer style" test chamber is specially designed for package integrity testing of filled and sealed food pouches, retort pouches as well as pharmaceutical and medical pouches. VeriPac's new testing configuration offers easy handling and testing convenience.

PTI offers inspection technologies for both seal integrity and package integrity testing for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and food packaging industries. Non-destructive and non-invasive, PTI systems can be applied to both offline and online applications.


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  • Seal-Sensor Airborne Ultrasonic Technology

    Seal-Sensor™ is an Airborne Ultrasonic Technology that inspects pouch seals non-destructively 100% online for defects. Seal-Sensor detects incomplete seals, partial or weak areas in seals, and common seal defects that affect product quality and shelf-life.

  • Automated In-Line Pouch Inspection System Assures Package Seal Integrity For Flexible Packaging

    PTI’s VeriPac LPX automated inline pouch inspection system assures package seal integrity of flexible packaging formats.  Non-destructive vacuum decay technology and ASTM Test Method F2338 provides automated quality control using high speed robotic pick & place handling. 

  • A Closeup View Of A Waldner DOSOMAT Cup Filling Machine For Fresh And Cultured Dairy Products

    Take a ride inside a Waldner DOSOMAT cup filling machine specialized for fresh dairy products. See closeup the sterilization technologies and expertise that make Waldner a world leader in filling machinery for fresh and cultured dairy products. Waldner rotary and inline filling machines for cup, tray, pouch and spouted pouch operate at 95% OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). Step inside a Waldner!

  • PTI Inspection Overview Video

    Video overview of PTI’s non-destructive inspection solutions for leak detection, seal integrity, package integrity and container closure integrity testing. We manufacture technologies ranging from high voltage leak detection (HVLD), vacuum decay, to airborne ultrasound.

  • The Benefits Of A 7-Lane Pouch Filling Machine

    Inline Pouch systems offer solutions for low output pouch filling and high productivity, high-volume pouch filling applications. Each stage of this process insures extremely efficient control and handling of the pouch, multiple pouch filling options, retort pouch applications including advanced filling systems combined with ultrasonic sealing. 

  • Non-Destructive Seal Inspection Systems For Pouches And Flexible Packaging

    Non-destructive package integrity testing and leak detection of dry-filled flexible packaging, pouches, stick packs and sachets.  More efficient and cost effective than destructive test methods.  Non-destructive, non-subjective results, no sample preparation, zero waste.  PTI’s vacuum decay leak testing technology (ASTM F2338).  Test multiple packages in a single test cycle.  Rapid pass/fail results and quantitative test data.

  • ASTM Approved Vacuum Decay Leak Test Method Recognized By The FDA As A Consensus Standard For Package Integrity Testing

    VeriPac inspection systems utilize an ASTM approved vacuum decay leak test method recognized by the FDA as a consensus standard for package integrity testing.

  • Testing Low Head-Space Packaging Has Its Challenges

    Testing low head-space packaging has its challenges, with most testing methods being destructive, subjective, and unreliable. This video will address all issues associated with low volume flexible and semi-flexible package leak testing and show how they can be overcome.

  • High Voltage Leak Detection (HVLD) Of Liquid Filled Pouches

    High Voltage Leak Detection (HVLD) of liquid filled pouches setects pinholes, seal defects, and various micro leaks 100 percent inline. The HVLD test method ensures product seal integrity by identifying small pinholes, micro cracks, and seal imperfections that cannot visually be seen.

  • Video: DOSOMAT Inline Ready Meals Waldner DOSOMAT High Speed Inline Filling and Closing Machine for retort ready meals in cups and trays.