Testing Low Head-Space Packaging Has Its Challenges

Source: PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection

PTI's VeriPac 410 for low head-space packages, sachets, and blister packages. Testing low head-space packaging has its challenges, and the VeriPac 410 addresses all issues associated with low volume flexible and semi-flexible package leak testing. Multi-cavity blister packs and low head space packaging use a variety of test methods to determine package integrity, with most being destructive, subjective, and unreliable.

The VeriPac 410 utilizes a combination of vacuum decay technology and differential force measurement to identify defective packages. Multiple packages can be tested in a single test cycle, and the 410 identifies which package or cavity is defective. Test results are quantitative and provide operators with a definitive pass/fail, eliminating the subjective and destructive nature of current test methods.

PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection