Syrup Preparation & Cereal Coating System

Syrup Preparation & Cereal Coating System WEB

Schenck Process Group Baker Perkins offer complete, fully-automated systems for mixing, cooking and applying coatings to breakfast cereals.

Fully-automated systems for mixing, cooking and applying coatings to breakfast cereals

These coatings add value, variety and interest to the products. Options include a glossy coating (‘glazed’) or a ‘snowy’ coating (‘frosted’). For healthier products these coatings can be made without sugar.

Flexible specification

Each system is specified to meet the individual end-product need. They all enhance product flavor and appearance, efficiently and cost-effectively. They enable a product range to be expanded for little additional cost. Emphasis on the health aspect of cereals is achieved via the ability to engineer systems to operate in both sugar and sugar-free modes, with simple interchange between the two.

Proven, reliable systems

Technology installed in over 400 confectionery applications worldwide is used to give thorough dissolving and accurate control of final solids for high quality, consistent coating. Advanced process control ensures that pre-set process parameters for sugar dissolving and evaporation are maintained. Accurate control of final solids ensures that coatings adhere properly and are not sticky and that they achieve the desired appearance.

Efficient production

The three-stage process starts with accurate weighing and mixing of ingredients. The resulting slurry passes to a self-contained skid-mounted system for cooking and moisture removal. Application to the product is the final stage