Webinar | February 4, 2019

Supervisor Superheroes: How To Transform Frontline Employees Into Leaders

Source: Alchemy Systems

New research proves that frontline leaders have an enormous impact on employee turnover, productivity, safety, and morale. Team leads, supervisors, and superintendents are the primary link to the frontline workforce and developing them is a major challenge at most companies.

The frontline leaders have skills such as SOPs and job tasks down, but often struggle in engaging, motivating, and communicating with their teams — necessary for effective management.

Join this encore presentation with Kim Seeling Smith, CEO of Ignite Global and Holly Mockus, Senior Industry Analyst at Alchemy Systems as they:

  • Discuss the benefits of a supervisor development program
  • Share best practices for developing frontline workers into effective supervisors
  • Introduce valuable leadership tools to help expedite the transition process