Application Note

Recommended Blending Equipment For Guacamole

Source: Charles Ross and Son Company

The versatile Ross Ribbon Blender is widely used throughout the food industry and one of its many proven applications is guacamole processing. Ingredients including peeled avocado halves, diced tomatoes, onions, herbs, salt, powdered flavors and other seasonings are loaded into the U-shaped trough and mixed by a horizontal solid-shaft agitator consisting of inner and outer helical ribbons. The position and precise pitch of each ribbon produce a well-balanced axial and radial flow pattern, promoting fast mixing of the different components despite differences in shape, size and density.

Maximum tip speed of the ribbon agitator is normally around 300 ft/min but with variable speed control, the blending action can be fine-tuned according to the characteristics of the product. Electronic speed control is especially useful in guacamole production because it is important to achieve uniform taste, appearance and consistency without over-mixing the batch. A similar application is blending boiled eggs with mayonnaise, mustard, salt, pepper and other spices to make egg salad for sandwiches. The Ribbon Blender imparts not only thorough blending but also controlled size reduction so the desired texture is achieved even in very delicate recipes.

In addition to speed control, vacuum conditions help improve guacamole processing in a Ribbon Blender. Removing air from the head space of the vessel delays oxidation of the avocado flesh resulting in a fresher taste and color. Preservative-free guacamole recipes are packaged right after mixing then pasteurized under high pressure to produce a shelf-stable finished product.