New Integrated Product Data Check

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Optional Data Presence and Readability Inspection for Round and Oriented Products
Product mislabeling is an easily preventable error. When the cost of mislabeled products reaching the marketplace is a product recall, the decision to implement procedures to prevent the error becomes an easy one. This is best accomplished through the use of automated vision inspection to verify product information on the label in production. But limited production space can present a problem when it comes to implementing such a solution. That is where the Product Data Check option for our Product Inspection systems comes in.

Product Data Check for Oriented Products

The Product Data Check for oriented products supports up to three cameras to inspect the front label, back label, and top of products as they come down the production line. The cameras mount directly on the checkweigher conveyor save valuable production space. The smart cameras are controlled using a single HMI which offers easy and intuitive software operation.

The Product Data Check can perform the following functions:

  • The front and/or back camera can be used to perform data checks
  • The top camera can be installed to inspect data

Find out more about adding Product Data Check to your METTLER TOLEDO inspection system.

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