White Paper

Meeting Food Retailers' Requirements Through X-Ray Inspection

Source: Anritsu Infivis Inc.

By Michael Ahern and Rob Tiernay

Food Processing Line

Big-box retailers have tightened their quality requirements on food manufacturers, and with good reason. Regulations are deepening as the regulators gain more authority over the marketplace. Consumers are becoming more educated and aware about the food they buy.

One indicator of the industry’s response is that nearly all food suppliers’ mission/vision statements contain powerful language about their commitments to quality, health, and trust.

How can food manufacturers meet big-box retailers' requirements while running cost-efficient and productive processing lines? The answer lies in choosing the right product inspection technology. In many cases, X-ray inspection offers the most effective solution to detect and eliminate contaminants.

Finding the best inspection technology for your unique business is imperative. One of the biggest mistakes a food manufacturer can make in their search for inspection equipment is to buy the first available option without research.

Continue reading to learn the criteria your inspection system should meet as well as what secondary functions could be beneficial for your company.